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  • Large Audience Bulb-Free Laser 4K 5000 lumens with 5 year warranty: Casio XJ L8300HN

    If you need a super bright projector for an exhibition, hall or corporate environment but dont want to spend a fortune on maintenance or replacing bulbs then this laser true 4k Casio XJ L8300HN might be the projector for you.

    The video below shows Alan Garratt from Casio demonstrating the Casio XJ-L8300 projector at ISE 2019 so you can see what this projector looks like in reality.

    Alan explains that connectivity wise it has everything anybody could ever want. The image quality is superb even under bright exhibition lights and the image can be increased significantly beyond the size shown here.

    The projector has keystone correction and a huge lens shift option which means you wont have hassle installing it.

    In addition it has a 5 year warranty (or 10,000 hrs usage) and is pure laser rather than LED so there are never any of the worries lamp projectors suffer from with images going dim mid presentation.

    As Alan explains, another real plus point of the Casio XJ-L8300 is if you need to install the projector into an inaccessible area then you can do so without the worry of needing to get access to the projector again to replace bulbs or carry out any maintenance.

    This projector is great for schools, churches, museums, halls and businesses with a keen eye on great 4k image quality without the cost and hassle of maintenance and bulbs. For many organisations, once the time factor of downtime is factored in the Casio XJ-L8300 becomes a no-brainer with its 5 year warranty despite its large price tag - after all time is money!

    Find out more by emailing us via the contact form or call us on 01924 589 589 or via the website LIVE CHAT.

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