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Tag Archives: Christmas

  • Gift Idea: Best Ultra Portable Travel Projector

    All I want for Christmas

    The Ultra Portable Pico Genie Polar Projector is the perfect gift for a special someone this Christmas. Take this on your travels and project anywhere!

    Pico Genie Polar

  • Best New LED Portable Projectors This Christmas: Qumi Q3 Plus vs M550 Plus Comparison

    If you're looking for an affordable portable HD LED projector this Christmas (or maybe you're hoping for one to appear under the tree!), there are two excellent options on the market that can do it all. Whether you're looking to give the gift of an unbeatable home cinema set up or you want an ultra-portable solution for business presentations, Vivitek's Qumi Q3 Plus and Pico Genie's M550 Plus should be on your radar. But how do they stack up against one another?

    Battery Life

    When you're after a truly portable projector for the festive season, you really want something with a lengthy battery life so you can take it anywhere and set up without having to worry about power. The Q3 Plus boasts an impressive 2 hour battery life with 8,000 mAh at 500 Lumens, which means it's perfect for even the lengthiest presentation or meeting. The M550 Plus goes one step further though, with a mighty 3 hour battery life and 13,500 mAh (that's three episodes of Game Of Thrones!), putting it in a class of its own when compared with any other portable projector on the market. So both projectors are great to handle any meeting, lecture, presentation or just binge watching loads of TV/Movies.



    The other key factor to consider when taking your projector out and about is brightness (or lumens) as you never know what kind of light conditions you'll be projecting in. Blackout curtains are always nice but they're not always available, which is why both of these projectors pack a great spec in terms of brightness, resolution and contrast. Coupled with incredible DLP chip systems they provide a clear image even in brightly-lit or sunlit rooms.

    The Q3 Plus clocks in at 500 Lumens, which is usually more than enough to project a crisp HD image in normal light conditions up  to 150 inches in size, making it ideal for classrooms or business meetings. It also has a high contrast ratio of 5000:1 which will really help your colours pop!

    The M550 Plus has an impressive 650 Lumens, really making it the ultimate all-rounder that can be used anywhere, anytime for anything. Also, it can project up to a 200 inch image, big enough for any purpose which puts the M550 Plus top of its class in its price bracket!

    Shorter Throw Projection

    The M550 Plus has a trick up its sleeve when it comes to projecting a clear image: it's a shorter throw projector meaning you can get a much bigger image even when it sits close to your wall or screen (or whatever you're projecting onto).

    At Christmas time, your living room can become a little crowded, so you may not always have 5 metres of clear space to project a big image. The M550 Plus doesn't need anywhere near as much space to project a large, clear image, so it's the much more practical option for everyday use particularly when you're projecting in a busy front room or meeting room!

    Check out the video below to see this in action.


    A good sound system can be just as important as a clear image, whether you want a booming home cinema setup or an effective presentation tool. The Q3 Plus has onboard 2w speakers, meaning it sounds great in any environment. The M550 Plus goes one step further with its onboard 3w speakers. Both projectors offer wireless audio connectivity to external speakers but the M550 Plus also has a 3.5mm jack and supports 2.0 Stereo sound so you can hook it up to external sound systems for wireless or wired sound with amazing clarity.

    Ease of Use and Access

    So, both projectors offer a host of amazing features, but how easy are they to use?

    Both projectors are a doddle thanks to their Android OS, and The Q3 Plus comes with a remote control and you can download apps for iOS and Android mirroring, meaning you can mirror your smart devices onto a huge screen.

    However, if you need to access lots of files and apps quickly, the M550 Plus has a bit of a party piece for you: it comes with a wireless keyboard as well as a remote, so it couldn't be easier to flick through important files or search for your favourite TV shows on apps like Netflix, which comes pre-installed on both devices! 

    If that wasn't enough, the M550 Plus also has wireless mirroring for iOS and Android straight out of the box, making it one of the most easy-to-use projectors on the market today.

    What's In The Box

    With the Q3 Plus, you get;

    A Qumi Q3 Plus projector, remote control, power lead, HDMI cable

    With the M550 Plus, you get:

    A Pico Genie M550 Plus projector, remote control, power lead, HDMI cable, wireless keyboard, tripod and EU & UK plug (also available with USA plug).


    The M550 Plus comes with a keyboard (with integrated mouse) and a remote control!

    Both of these projectors have every feature you could want from a portable projector, and there's a lot to love about both of them. They both have Android OS and 8GB of storage for saving files or downloading apps. They also both offer a range of audio and visual wireless connectivity options.

    The Q3 Plus is an amazing portable projector that packs an incredible punch for a device just 28mm thick. At just £429 inc VAT, it's also the ideal option for anyone looking for a versatile and highly portable projector on a budget. It's very bright at 500 Lumens, offers a wealth of connectivity options and has 8GB of storage for preloading files and apps onto it for PC-free viewing, while its 2-hour battery life means you can watch most films or a football match on it without worrying about where the plug socket is. You can even wirelessly hook it up to your sound system to create that big-screen cinema feel at home in your living room.

    The M550 Plus is a little more at £599.99 inc VAT, but for that extra money you get a world leader in portable projectors that is the ultimate in flexibility, ease of use and is future-proofed and able to work with any device, anytime, anywhere. Never worry about having enough space in your living room again with its shorter throw projection, allowing you to get a huge screen just a couple of feet away from your screen. It's bright enough for almost anywhere at 650 Lumens, has 8GB of storage which you can use to store files (and get to them quicker than before using the keyboard) and its 3-hour battery life means you can even watch Lord Of The Rings on it without hooking it up to the power (well, almost!). It offers an amazing range of features which makes it fit for any purpose, including a great wireless keyboard & mouse for easy browsing, and it comes with wireless mirroring for iOS and Android as standard, so there's no need to download any mirroring apps to use it with your smart devices.

    [Edit: The M550 Plus is now End Of Line (EOL). This projector has been replaced by the Pico Genie Polar, alternatively you can purchase a Refurbished Pico Genie M550 Plus.]

    Take a look at the video below to see all the great features of both projectors in action!

    Comparison Video

  • A Personal Buying Guide: What’s The Best Projector For Me This Christmas?



    So it’s that time of the year (again), time to hunt down the perfect gift for that special someone. Whether you’ve planned to buy an LED projector this year or not, check out our ultimate guide to the top projectors money can buy, we’ll be sure to inspire you with the endless applications portable projectors present!

    - Are you planning to buy a projector for someone this Christmas?

    - Or just treating yourself to some high spec tech?

    - Need a big screen the whole family can watch the latest James Bond on?

    - Want to wirelessly connect a projector to your Apple Device?

    - Need a portable screen for your projector?

    Take a look at our Christmas best buys, we’ll guide you through the best projectors for your budget. A one stop shop for all things projector!

    New models for Christmas 2015!


    Pico Genie M400 Pro- The best all-round projector! Only £465 inc VAT. WAS £480

    Perfect for:

    - Creating a 100” screen anywhere with the built-in battery

    - Wirelessly streaming your Android/Apple* device

    - Watching those compulsory Christmas Movies with the whole family!



    The Vivitek Qumi Q6- Available in plenty of festive colours! Only £480 inc VAT

    Perfect for:

    - Streaming wirelessly from your Android/Apple* Device

    - Projecting a HD movie for the whole family

    - Slaying zombies on your new Xbox One/PS4/PC

    Vivitek Qumi Q6

    Casio XJ-V1 Core- A great budget Home Cinema Projector! Only £480 inc VAT + £50 Cashback

    Perfect for:

    - Use as a home cinema

    - Hooking up your Xbox One/PS4/PC to a huge 300” screen

    - Creating an ultra-bright image for the whole family to see

    Casio-v1 core


    Do you have a budget in mind? We’ll break down the top projectors for you this Christmas!


    What’s the best projector for my budget?


    £100-£300 – Extra Small Pico Projectors


    1. Pico Genie P100- £249.99. This ultra portable device is perfect for connecting to your other portable electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and more with the HDMI input.

    Perfect for:

    - Projecting your other portable devices (Smartphone/tablet) almost anywhere

    - Battery powered projection for up to 2 hours!

    - Quick, Easy and Portable projections


    £300-£500- Ultra Portable Projectors


    1. Vivitek Qumi Q4- £336.00. Offering HD (720p) WXGA resolution and 500 lumens of DLP brightness for bright projection in almost any environment it’s ideal for movies, gaming, education and business use!

    Perfect for:

    - Use with any other HDMI enabled device

    - Streaming movies via Laptops or other smart devices

    - Projecting HD quality images

    Qumi Q4 White

    2. Vivitek Qumi Q5- from £412.80. The Qumi Q5 is the perfect portable projector for everything from business presentations, gaming and personal use. It offers some distinctive features, 2W internal speaker + 4GB of internal memory.

    Perfect for:

    - Projecting HD quality images with 500 lumens

    - Presenting Microsoft Office Documents (built in MS Office Reader)

    - Web Browsing (Wi-Fi Dongle required)


    3. Pico Genie M400 Pro- £465. The Pico Genie M400 Pro mini projector has received rave reviews on BBC and on Channel 5's Gadget Show. It is the very latest in mini projection with inbuilt wireless connectivity and true wireless screen mirroring so you can instantly connect and project whatever is on your tablet, phone or ultrabook at 100".

    Perfect for:

    - Wireless connection via DLNA, In-Built Wireless or WiDi

    - Ultra portable projection on battery at 300 lumens

    - Portable Home Cinema!


    4. Vivitek Qumi Q6- £480. The Vivitek Qumi Q6 LED projector is the world's smallest projector at 800 lumens of brightness with Wi-Fi built in. The Qumi Q6 offers some distinctive features, including built in Wi-Fi, full sized HDMI input, 2W internal speaker and 2.5GB of internal memory.

    Perfect for:

    - Wirelessly presenting via Apple*/Android Devices

    - High brightness portable home cinema

    - HD Gaming up to 150”


    5. Vivitek Qumi Q7 Plus- £610.80. The Vivitek Qumi Q7+ ultra portable LED HD projector offers ultra performance at 1000 lumens in a tiny package and is stunningly designed delivering unrivalled multimedia capability. With a weight of just 1.4kg and with its super-thin design, the Qumi is the ideal companion for the business traveller or home entertainment enthusiast.

    Perfect for:

    - Ultra high quality media presentation (Movie/Gaming/Business use)

    - Projecting to an audience in a bright room

    - Wirelessly projecting photos, movies and websites (Wi-Fi Dongle required)


    £600-£1,000- Portable (Medium/Pro)


    1. Casio XJ-A142, 2500 Lumens- £942. Casio XJA 142 is a true revolution in projection and is the first laser combined LED projector offering a staggering 2,500 lumen brightness with 20,000 hours lamp life. The Casio XJA's ultra thin and lightweight design means it is truly portable allowing it to easily squeeze into your laptop bag.

    Perfect for:

    - A professional home cinema

    - Projecting to a large audience

    - Huge projections up to 300”!

    Casio XJ A251 Personal Projector £50 off

    £1,000+ Other Projectors


    1. Casio XJ-M156, 3,000 lumen- £1,062.60. The Signature Casio XJ-M156 offers versatile projection solutions using the cost-effective, environmentally friendly, 3,000 lumen Casio Laser & LED Hybrid light source. Connect wirelessly to your network with the USB/WLAN option.

    Perfect for:

    - Desktop or ceiling mounted projection

    - Projecting to a large audience

    - Connecting to a wireless network via USB/WLAN

    Casio XJ-M246

    Do you have a specific requirement for your projector?

    Here’s our top pick in each category!


    Portable Battery Powered Projectors (Small)

    Pico Genie P100

    Connecting to Apple Devices (iPhone/iPad) Wireless + Wired

    Vivitek Qumi Q6

    Connecting to Android Devices – Wireless + Wired

    Pico Genie M400 Pro

    Creating the ultimate home cinema

    Casio XJ-V1 Core

    Enjoy the latest Xbox/PS4/PC games on the big screen?

    Vivitek Qumi Q7 Plus


    We also have a range of special offer bundles, all designed to bring out the best in your projector!

    Multiple Screens - from bannerNEW

    For more information on any of these models or if you have any other enquiries about applications of your projector, please give us a call on 0845 121 8800 or email us at enquiries@personalprojector.co.uk

    All prices include VAT.



  • Christmas Send-By Dates & Extended Returns Period

    Christmas Delivery (UK, Europe & Worldwide)
    Rely on us this Christmas to deliver your goods right up to the last minute! Our highly reliable Interlink couriers will even send you a text/email with an estimated delivery window accurate to 1 hour  providing you with complete confidence that your vital delivery is going to arrive on time when you need it. Read more

    [UPDATE ALL inc returns INFO ON BOTH “Shipping and Returns” AND “T&Cs”]
    • UK:  Place your order by 4pm on 23rd December 2014 to receive it the next working day (24th December)
    • Europe: If placing your order after 11th December please enquire depending on your destination we may be able to deliver as late as 17th Decemeber
    • Worldwide: please enquire about the send-by date for your destination before placing your order for xmas delivery

    Extended Christmas Returns Period

    Orders placed between the 9th and 23rd December 2014 will benefit from an extended returns period. If a product  is not suitable then please email us by December 31st for an exchange or refund (on items returned in new condition). Refunds/Exchanges will be processed from Mon 5th January.

  • Christmas Gift Ideas from TechRadar

    Looking for gadget gift ideas? Then check out the hugely popular TechRadar Christmas wish list. In this years top gadget list is a 4K TV and the ever popular Fitbit flex as well as the new and unique Elmo BOXi T-350 short-throw portable LED projector.

    Considerably cheaper than a normal TV, the Elmo BOXi T-350 is available right now in the UK for 1/14th of the price of a 4K TV! Not only that but it gives a bigger image (70") and can be used as a "Top gaming projector" featuring a gaming mode. Designed in Japan, it offers superior image performance and is so tiny that it fits in the palm of your hand, making it the perfect stocking filler this Christmas.

    Also, if you like the idea of a massive cinema sized image on your wall but you're looking to stream content wirelessly then there is something for you too! The Elmo BOXi MP-350 projector features all the advantages of the T-350 with additional in-built WiFi so you can mirror the screen of your laptop / Mac easily and even project content from your iPad, tablet or Smartphone.

  • Pico Genie P100 features in T3 Magazine for Xmas 2012

    Under The Radar

    Offbeat tech niche-fillers band together to proclaim their "specialness"

    Pico Genie P100: CD Case sized LED projector turns your smartphone into a 480p cinema via the magic of HDMI. £250. personalprojector.co.uk

    Pico Genie P100 LED projector

  • Gadget Show Live: 30 Nov to 2 Dec + Competition

    Personal Projector are pleased to announce that we will again be displaying a range of projectors and accessories at Gadget Show Live.

    The show will be held in London's ExCel arena from 30th November until 2nd December 2012, the perfect time to start thinking about Christmas presents for your loved ones (or even yourself!).

    Bright, shiny & incredibly tiny - MP410

    Personal Projector are partnering with some of the biggest names in projection to bring you the latest top of the range gadgetry.

    Get an early chance to win!

    Personal Projector are running a prize draw worth £1000 that gives you the opportunity to win a bright, portable 3M MP410 as featured in this year's Gadget Show Live competition or a bright and colourful Vivitek Qumi Q5 projector. See below for more information on how to enter.

    Enter now for your chance to win, even if you're not attending the show!
    Triple your chances of winning by entering in any or all of the following 3 ways for our 2012 Gadget Show draw:

    1. Simply 'like' Personal projector on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/personalprojector

    2. Follow us on Twitter & retweet us in the run up to the show at: www.twitter.com/WhatPico

    3. Visit the Personal Projector stand (M21) at Gadget Show Live in London to get a form and put it in our box

    You also have the chance to win pairs of tickets to the show by entering Personal Projector's prize draw by following the link

    New products

    Pico Genie, the UK brand who brought the worlds first projector case for your iPhone, will be launching some interesting new models.

    There will also be a series of promotions from now until the show where there will be even more special offers including the opportunity to win Free tickets to Friday, Saturday & Sunday's shows.

    For more information on what you can expect from this year's Gadget Show Live event, visit their official site.

  • Personal Projector Exhibiting Gadget Show Live: 30 Nov to 2 Dec

    Personal Projector are pleased to announce that we will again be displaying a range of projectors and accessories at Gadget Show Live.

    The show will be held in London's ExCel area from 30th November until 2nd December 2012, so it's the perfect time to start thinking about christmas presents for your loved ones (or even yourself!).

    As part of this, Personal Projector will be running a series of promotions from now until the show where there will be even more special offers.

    Claim £50 off a Casio XJ A251 projector from now until the end of October.

    If portable projection is more your style then claim your free Wi-Fi dongle for every ViewSonic PLED-W500 projector you purchase.

    For more information on what you can expect from this years Gadget Show Live event, visit their official site below...




  • Christmas is coming!

    We're really getting into the festive mood here at Personal Projector and thought we'd share a classic Christmassy advert which we love. This kind of Christmas video clip, of which there are endless amounts of youtube, are great for sharing with family and friends this Christmas time...on the Adapt Pico Play £99 Pocket Projector, for instance, via your iPhone/iPod with the Adapt apple cable. The Christmas countdown has really begun! Holidays are coming!

  • Build a Virtual Christmas Wishlist with Facebook ‘Likes’

    Everyone these days is taking to the internet to browse for and buy their Christmas presents and decide what they would like themselves. It certainly saves you braving the icy and snowy weather we’ve been having recently!

    With the recent launch of our new website, Personal Projector have added the facility to allow customers to 'Like' the products in our online shop, from our pocket projectors such as the Adapt Pico Play (an ideal gift at £99!), to our range of accessories including the iPhone/iPad cable. We've noticed that many online retailers and blogs are also becoming facebook friendly. By adding this function we aim to make the buying experience more interactive and to enable browsing customers to share ideas and the products they are interested in on the Social Network.

    We saw this as a great opportunity to build a virtual Christmas wishlist, especially as the feature allows you to comment, to your Wall or to send as a private message, making it the ultimate subtle or not-so subtle ‘wink, wink / nudge, nudge’ for your family and friends to see what you’ve been literally ‘Liking’ as you surf the web. See how it works for yourself – head over to our product page and see the 'Like' facility in action.

    Gone are the days when you sent your Christmas list to Santa...get ‘Liking’ on the internet this festive season!

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