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  • The RiF6 Cube LED Projector Review

    The RiF6 Cube LED Projector Review

    The RIF6 Cube is a 50 lumens personal projector, 854 by 480 pixels. Like many Chinese projectors on the market the lumens are often rated at a brightness of 100 lumens although the real lumens of the RiF6 is 50 lumens.

    At just 2 inches square it’s a v small handy projector.

    Key features include screen mirroring but only via wire not via wireless. If you want the wireless option of the RiF6 cube you are better off choosing the Pico Genie P85 or other cheaper models and adding a wireless dongle that connects to everything (£65).

    When wired the RiF6 projector can mirror the screen of an MHL-compatible mobile device (ie Android devices mainly). It can also connect via HDMI or project content from a microSD card.

    Overall, it’s a nice design but at £245 / $299 the RiF6 cube projector is about £100 more expensive than comparable projectors and suffers from low pound to lumens value (@50 lumens £245)  and a lack of wireless connectivity as well as rainbow affects when projecting video.

    Alternative projectors to the RiF6 Projector which add wifi, higher lumens or at lower cost include:

    • Pico Genie P55 £149 (50 genuine lumens, HDMI, microSD, MHL, AV, USB & a case, 2.5 hr battery)
    • Pico Genie P85 £249 (85 genuine lumens, wireless wifi IOS/Android, HDMI, microSD, AV, USB, 2 hr battery)
    • Pico Genie P200 £299 (200 genuine lumens, HDMI, microSD, MHL, AV, USB & a case, 1 hr battery)
    • Vivitek Qumi Q4 £378 (500 genuine lumens, HDMI, USB)

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