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Tag Archives: Digital TV Projector

  • The Wireless Projection Guide- What Are the Options And How Does It Work?

    Fed up of cables? Need more information about wireless projection? We'll explain the different wireless options along with the best and easiest way to connect your smart device at 100" seamlessly.

    Whether it's for home use, travel, business, education, gaming, entertainment or art, projecting your smart device wirelessly can make life a whole lot easier, see our full range of wireless projectors here.

    How does Full Wireless Mirroring work with a projector?

    This term is fairly self-explanatory and means your smart device (iPhone/Android Phone/Tablet etc) display can be fully mirrored through the projector wirelessly. Whatever is displayed through your device will be identical through the projector so what you see on one screen is what you get on the other screen.

    Apple call this AirPlay and Android call it Screen Mirroring / Quick Connect (amongst other terms). Some projectors have this function built in like the Pico Genie and Qumi ranges. Other projectors don't have this functionality, however a variety of dongles can be purchased to enable this feature.

     Wireless M550

    How does wireless mirroring work with a projector using an App?

    On either Android or iPhone you can download free Apps like Mira Cast and connect your smart device to the projector directly. Note: You will need to have the projector and your mobile device connected to the same Wi-Fi network in order for this to work.

    With your mobile device screen mirrored to your projector you can pretty much access everything from email, videos, the web, PowerPoint, music and much more. A great way to play your favourite mobile games full screen or for easy scrolling of your social medias.

    p85 ez cast

    What are the alternatives if my projector doesn't have built-in wireless?

    If your projector doesn't have wirelessly functionality built in, don't worry. You still have options to share your smart device wirelessly. There are a wide variety of methods of mirroring whether its using a cable or a wireless HDMI type dongle or system like Apple TV or Chromecast.

    Cables - The simplest and easiest way will be using a cable. For Android users this may include an MHL adaptor which must be purchased for the exact model of your handset so its advisable to purchase it from the manufacturer directly. For Apple users there are a variety of HDMI and VGA adaptors that connect HDMI or VGA cables directly to a iPhone or an iPad. There are lots of copies on the market for this type of cable so beware of cheap imitations. See Apple’s website for more details.

    Wireless dongles can be connected via USB or HDMI ports. This will allow your smart device to connect straight to the projector wirelessly. Using a wireless dongle is a great way for you to add wireless mirroring features to your current projector.

    Not all of the available dongles will work in the dame way. Some will come with both a transmitter and receiver and will need to be set up accordingly while others will need to connect to your Wi-Fi and transmit via your internet connection. Before purchasing a dongle it is best to check what devices you want to use it with, you can see our full range of wireless dongles here.

  • Going Away Camping This Summer?






    If you're planning on getting away this summer for a relaxing break but don't want to leave all modern creature comforts behind then a pico projector with easy viewing with TV, website/battery and apps built into the projector could be the perfect bare necessity to keep you entertained. The all-in-1 Pico Genie M550 comes with Android OS so you can download your favourite apps, up to 3 hours of battery life for ultra portability and 650 lumens of brightness for crystal clear images!



    Don't miss with Olympics whether you are camping or in a tropical villa or download the latest episode of Game of Thrones. The new Pico Genie M550 measures just 20 x 14.5 x 3.8cm and weighs just 900g so it won't take up much room in your luggage and has a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 3 hours. Connect it to your smartphone, tablet or laptop and you instantly have a portable media centre at your fingertips.

    Want to keep up to date with the latest Olympics results? Connect the M550 up to a Wi-Fi network or a 3G/4G hotspot and have all the sport you need at your fingertips. Simply open the App or webpage you need and off you go! With the inbuilt battery that lasts up to 3 hours you don't need mains power either.

    Easy Viewing with TV, Website and Apps Built into the projector

    Even better the M550 comes with a host of features ideal for taking away on holiday. The in-built Android interface lets you use it like a Smartphone and you can simply connect the projector to wifi or a 3G/4G hotspot and download or stream content directly to the projector. Watch everything from CatchUp TV, Netflix, Kodi, Show Reel, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime or your favourite collection of movies on a USB, you can play any content directly through the projector at up to 200". The projector becomes a TV projector!

    Mirror your Smartphone/Tablet Screen on the projector

    With the newly launched Pico Genie M550 you also have the advantage of being able to watch the content through your phone/tablet and run it straight through the projector.

    Take a look at the small but mighty Pico Genie M550:

    Pico Genie M550, Wireless LED HD Projector (650 lumens with battery / mains)

    M550 New

    See the full range here http://www.personalprojector.co.uk/


  • 3M Mpro 150: Truly Unique/Ideal For Business Travellers

    3M Mpro 150 micro projector launch

    The new 3m Mpro 150 is the perfect business pocket projector as it offers some very unique features which no other pico projectors offer and its also now one of the brightest pico projectors available. If you're thinking of buying a pocket projector mainly for business then this is going to be one of the best options available for quite some time.

    • The first pico projector with viewer for ppt, pdf & office docs - perfect for business with less need for file conversions
    • Truly amazing zoom feature means you can see even the smallest text on a document
    • Storage: 1GB of built in memory on projector SD card
    • 2gb Micro SD card included in the box
    • VGA connection for laptops and SD card with 1gb onboard memory
    • 15 lumens brightness so amongst the highest available
    • World plug
    • 2 hour battery life (4 hours on the Mpro 120 but 150 is brighter)
    • Case plus all cables for laptop and AV devices (composite cable)

    If you need any advice on pocket projectors please call the experts at Personal Projector 0845 121 8800 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              0845 121 8800      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              0845 121 8800      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or contact us

  • The New breed of LED projectors: Size does matter!

    A new breed of LED palm projectors are appearing in the market which have more power, portability and connectivity than any previous traditional projector. This new breed of LED projector includes features such as inbuilt digital TV, battery, loud speakers and a wealth of connection options that all fit in the palm of your hand.

    The first of these projectors is the Adapt 450 & 450 Pro which was launched by Personal Projector, the LED and pocket projector specialists, at this years Gadget Show Live event and is now available for purchase online.

    The Adapt 450 features are very impressive, offering 100 LED lumens of brightness, a 1.5 hour battery, a 150 inch screen and connection options such as SD and USB plus AV In and Out, the obligatory VGA ports and rear projection.

    The Adapt 450 pro is the worlds first projector to include digital TV, so now you can watch TV literally anywhere on a giant screen. There is also a standard model, the Adapt 450 which is well suited to business users who may not need the Digital TV option.

    Both projectors are the first projectors on the market with a battery to offer USB and standard SD card slot, supporting 32gb capacity so you can easily drop files straight from your mobile, camera or camcorder without having to worry about having to use a PC to convert files. Included with the Adapt 450 Pro is a 1.5 hour external battery as standard making it the first truly portable projector on the market.

    The Adapt 450 Pro is available online for £416.17 ex vat
    The Adapt 450 available without the digital TV for £399. This model can connect to an external battery which is available to purchase as an optional accessory.

    Watch the video!

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