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Tag Archives: DLP

  • Press Release: New Vivitek Qumi Q4, Available Now

    Vivitek's brand new Qumi Q4 is the latest addition to the portable LED Qumi projector range.  At 500 lumens it is a cheaper option to the feature packed Vivitek Qumi Q5, retaining everything that makes the Q5 great, without the price tag. The brand new Vivitek Qumi Q4 is the cheaper version of the popular Vivitek Qumi 5. Its still 500 lumens and acts as a pass through only projector (but excludes original Qumi Q5 features such as no wifi, ppt,word, pdf viewer or battery dock option)

    Slim and lightweight, the sleek white, high gloss projector has lots of features to project your content in any situation. It is easy to use and has multiple connectivity options to make it an ideal companion for gamers and movie enthusiasts. The image quality is unique for a projector of this size and price. The HD quality image can be projected in sizes up to 90”and the 500 ANSI Lumens and 30,000:1 contrast ratio deliver an image beyond expectations. Qumi Q4 is It is the perfect portable companion.

    View the Vivitek Qumi Q4 product page here

    Qumi Q4 White


    Key features

    • 500 ANSI lumens and a 30,000:1 contrast for vibrant, colorful and incredible imagery
    • TI's DLP® and BrilliantColor™ technologies for sharp and detailed projection quality
    • Widescreen image projection up to 90" in diameter
    • MHL device compatibility for streaming of video and audio content from a compatible mobile device
    • Assortment of connectivity options for easy connection to almost any kind of multimedia device including smartphones, tablets, notebooks, cameras and more
    • Long life LED light source with up to 30,000 plus hours of operation
    • Quick search source filtering function to quickly locate input signal source
    • Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface makes projector adjustments a snap
    • Embedded Closed Caption Decoding (CCD) ensures a video or TV signal’s audio is displayed as subtitles (captions) on the projected screen
    • 6 preset display modes and 3 user defined modes allow the projected image to be tweaked for the most suitable display requirements
    • Slim size at only 32mm in depth to easily fit into a purse, briefcase or backpack
    • Easy portability with a weight of only 460g
  • Press Release: New Vivitek Qumi Q7+ (Plus), Available Now

    Vivitek, creator of the Qumi  range of portable personal projectors, has introduced the latest addition to its line line up of LED-based projectors. At 1000 lumens, the Qumi Q7 plus (Q7+) is an upgrade the previous Qumi Q7. This expands the Qumi portfolio to offer a portable, powerful and feature-rich LED projector in a slim and svelte design.

    View the Vivitek Qumi Q7 on the Personal Projector page here


    The Qumi Q7+ delivers up to 1000 ANSI Lumens of brightness with an LED light source that gives it up to 30,000 hours of operation time enough to view more than 10,000 movies offering years of meetings, presentations, movies, gaming and more. The brightness coupled with the wide colour range and contrast ratio of 30,000:1 delivers rich black levels, giving the Q7+ absolutely stunning picture quality. The Q7+ is the ideal solution for impressive presentations or video projections up to 107”(2.7m) diagonally, yet is equally at home in small meeting rooms as it is in the home.

    At 1.4kg and with its thin design, the Qumi is the ideal companion for business travellers or home entertainment enthusiast. Compatible with a variety of devices, the Q7+ easily connects with digital cameras, laptops, Smartphones, tablets and more. Due to the quick start up of its LED light source the projector really is plug and play. The Q7+ features the unique touch sensitive button controls and sleek design that is synonymous with the Qumi projector series.

    The Qumi Q7+ was devised to cater to the most demanding multimedia requirements. Qumi allows for Direct 3D projection via HDMI and also 2D to 3D conversion built-in for standard and Blu-Ray 3D playback.

    The Q7+ can natively display a range of Microsoft Office® files and Adobe™ PDFs, alongside being compatible with a huge selection of different multimedia formats which can be played back via a USB stick. Connect tablets and smartphones directly to the Qumi Q7+ via MHL to mirror any content directly onto the big screen. Finally, the 4GB of on-board memory as well as input and output options complete the multimedia offering.

    Qumi Q7+ Key Features & Specifications:

    • 1000 ANSI Lumens of brightness and a 30,000:1 contrast ratio
    • 720p native WXGA (1280x800) resolution
    • DLP pico chipset from Texas Instruments
    • Direct 3D through HDMI, as well as integrated 2D-to-3D content conversion technology
    • 1,4kg; Dimensions: 238 x 180 x 40mm
    • 30,000+ estimated LED hours of operation
    • Connectivity options include: HDMI (x2) including MHL connectivity, VGA-In, Composite Video, Audio-In RCA and USB; 4GB of on-board memory
    • Connect an MHL enabled smartphone or tablet to the Q7 and everything will be will be mirrored and displayed onto the projected screen.
    • Built-in Microsoft Office® and Adobe™ PDF document reader
    • 2x 2W stereo sound speaker
    • Available now 

    For more information visit www.personalprojector.co.uk

  • Texas Instruments explain DLP projection design

    Carlos Lopez, strategic marketing manager for pico products at Texas Instruments DLP has written an article around creating DLP and MEMS projectors. Electronics weekly has followed up with an interesting post discussing optical engines and light sources as well as some things that you'll want to consider if you're ever thinking of designing your own pico projector.

    Typical DLP Pico Display

  • Smartphone & iPhone Projector Review Comparison

    iPhone Projector Review: Pico Projectors compatible with iPhone / iPod / iPad / iTouch & Android Smartphones

    There are a whole host of projectors out there that are compatible with Apple iPhone, iPod or all the various iPad models etc, but how do you know which iPod projector is right for you? Below are some of the top rated, compatible projectors for your portable Apple devices:

    Pico Genie A100 – This is the world’s first 4-in-1 accessory for the iPhone 4/ 4siphone battery extender plus pico projector plus speakers plus protective iphone case and iPod Touch that incorporates a Pico projector, extended battery/ charger, speaker and rugged case design. Simply dock in an iPhone / iPod and use it as a handheld, LED, pico projector to share your photos & videos. It is the original and best of its kind on the market with DLP technology for brighter, higher contrast, higher quality images.

    Download the FREE new ProjOut app here in order to share webpages, photos (without slideshow mode), PDF’s and you can even project your camera as a live video feed and much more...

    3M MPro120 / 3M MPro150 (Best Price iPhone Projector) – Both of these great value for money handheld LED Pico projectors will connect to your iPhone / iPod / iPad with the optional cable (available here).  It enables you to project out photo and video content stored on your iPhone/ iPod straight from the palm of your hand, making them the ultimate gadgets and personal projectors.

    Vivitek Qumi Q2 (Best Phone Projector) – The palm sized Qumi Q2 comes with FREE apple AV cables for the iPhone / iPod / iPad which lets you project out photo & video content stored on your device. You can view your content at up to a 90” (diagonal) image size in high definition (720p, WXGA resolution) almost anywhere with its 300 lumens of brightness with this mini projector.

    3M MP180 – Purchase a 3M MP180 LED pico projector with the optional iPhone cable (available here) and you will be able to project out photo and video content stored on your Apple device. This Mini projector is great for business use and has Bluetooth transfer capability to send files to the device’s 4GB onboard memory.

    More projectors, Most of the Pico projector range is compatible with Apple devices and Smartphones, you just need to ensure that it has the right cable to connect to yours. If you are unsure, take a look at your device’s manual or website to find out what you will need.

    Mirroring the screen of your device for projecting Apps and more...

    One thing to remember when linking any Apple device to a projector is that Apple have restricted what you can output from all their devices. However, there are simple ways around this such as the ProjectOut App listed above on the Pico Genie A100 for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 

    Alternatively, Apple now also supply a mirroring cable for the iPad 2 and iPad 3 which allows you to mirror everything on screen exactly as you see it on your projected screen. These are available directly from Apple and do exactly what it says on the packet, letting you view everything you see on your screen through the projector. Great for sharing Apps, texts and more...

    If you dont have any of those devices eg you have an iPhone 3 then you can still purchase standard (cheaper iPhone AV cables) on this website that allow you to project photos directly from your iPod and in many cases you can also project BBC iPlayer or YouTube videos. The only company not playing by the rules still seems to be Sky with their SkyGo App as they do not allow any projection which is a real shame as its the perfect application. The only solution to this we know of means hacking your phone which is not something we would really recommend!

    Android Projector Phones (HDMI projection)

    Dont worry if you havent got the latest Samsung Beam projector phone as you can still have the best of both worlds with your existing smartphone by purchasing any of the companion pico projectors listed above. Not wanting to leave Android out of the equation many of the new Smartphones now such as the Samsung Galaxy or HTC phones have HDMI video out which will allow you to also project your photos, videos and in some cases your entire screen (check with your manufacturer or network providor).

    Again you will need to purchase these AV cables for projecting out seperately.

  • 3 Groundbreaking New Projectors (Press Release)


    Three groundbreaking LED Pocket Projectors enter the market: wifi, windows, DLP, £99...

    It’s easy to see why Pacific Media Research, specialists in the world of micro projection and LED projectors, heralded this year as the year of the LED Pocket Projector. This year, there have been some interesting breakthroughs in terms of price, picture quality and features such as wifi and the ability to surf the internet directly from a pocket projector without any other device. It’s also great to finally see such impressive projectors now coming to market in the UK and Europe.

    Personal Projector Ltd, the LED and pocket projector specialists, have just announced the launch of 3 exciting new pico projectors ranging from a new £99 pico projector with keystone correction to a new ultra sharp DLP pocket projector with Flip cam connectivity plus the world’s first Windows CE wifi pocket projector with wifi keyboard/mouse.

    All 3 models are available now for pre-order at www.personalprojector.co.uk. Read on for more info.

    1. iGo UP2020 DLP Flip-cam enabled pocket projector: stylish delivery of DLP

    The new iGo LED mini projector is a unique mid-range pocket projector which uses sophisticated DLP technology (Digital Light Processing). This provides a higher contrast ratio and sharper images for watching movies or viewing photos or slides and it offers 20 lumens of brightness.

    This projector is also extremely well made and is of a superior build quality for a projector in this category.

    Not only is this pocket projector compatible with the incredibly popular Flip camcorder, it is remarkably small and light with numerous connectivity options such as iPad, Flip cam, iphone 4 (cable supplied separately). As this is designed to work with the ever popular Flip camcorder simplicity is the key with this projector making transferring, storing and projecting videos, photos or slides a doddle. The iGo supports Micro SD memory cards/micro USB as well as mini HDMI and VGA.

    Portable, pocket-sized with sophisticated DLP, at only £249 inc vat is highly recommended. Pre-order here.

    2. i500 Wifi Windows CE with wifi keyboard/mouse

    The i500 is another impressive new pocket projector with a whole host of unique features.

    This projector is ideal for delivering business presentations in controlled lighting conditions, with 30 lumens, built in Windows Mobile and a Wi-Fi keyboard and mouse. Portability is maximized like never before. Not only does the i500 support Word, Excel, PPT and PDF, the user is able to surf the web (mobile enabled sites) and store data/media on the 2GB internal memory or through the micro SD slot. The wifi keyboard enables you to drop a projector anywhere and start using windows with an internet connection anywhere.

    The i500 is available exclusively from www.personalprojector.co.uk. Pre-order here.

    3. Adapt Pico Play: Pocket projector: World’s first pico projector with keystone correction for £99 arrives in UK

    The Pico Play is the world’s first pico projector with keystone correction and is the first to break the magical £99 inc vat price bracket without sacrificing quality so it’s sure to become one of the most popular pico projection gifts this Christmas.

    The first pico projectors came out over 2 years ago and were launched at around £299 so the new price tag of £99 inc vat is a real breakthrough in both price and features. The Pico Play can claim several world firsts: – it’s the first under £100, first with keystone correction and it’s the smallest and lightest LED projector made to date.

    Its real unique feature is it’s the first pico projector to have keystone correction onboard, a feature normally only seen on high end projectors. The keystone feature means the image maintains a perfect square without any distortion when the projector is tilted at an angle or when it’s on its mini inbuilt stand. Coupled with this, the projector includes a standard SD card, rather than a micro SD card slot, so you can easily transfer from cameras and camcorders directly onto the projector (without the need for a PC).

    The projector is aimed at consumers who want to share movies or photos and is also the ideal gift for anyone with a smartphone wanting to share videos on a much larger screen. Its high quality build and feature packed specification mean it’s sure to be a big hit this Christmas. Pre-order here.


    - Keystone correction (adjustable viewing angles)

    - 8 lumens

    - 6” to 50” screen

    - SD card (Standard, allows micro sd card adaptors)

    - 0.5w speakers

    - In built mini tripod stand (plus universal tripod slot)

    More information:

    The Pico Play is available exclusively from www.personalprojector.co.uk (pre-order available now).

    Contact: click here.


    Pico Play, iGo, i500

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