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Tag Archives: LED projectors

  • Android Projectors: What does this mean? How do they work?

    What is an Android projector?

    An Android projector is a projector that runs Android software to power its operating system. Think of Android as a computer inside your projector allowing you to run programmes and interface as you would when using a PC.

    All projectors will have a form of operating system allowing you to alter various settings and set up the initial connection with your media outlet. Android projectors function in a similar way but have the added bonus of being able to run various applications, essentially turning your projector into its own media outlet.

    Android Projectors confused

    How does it work?

    The Android projector itself works in a similar way to your phone, once you have connected the device to the internet via Wi-Fi you can download various apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

    The ability to be able to use applications via the projector means that you don't have to connect it to your PC or other device in order to stream content. This also allows you total freedom with your projector and is why the Android OS is used in a lot of the portable projectors that are currently on the market.

    Common misconceptions

    There are a couple of common misconceptions that come with the use of Android software being used in a projector and we will answer them here:

    1. If you own an Android phone yourself it doesn't need to be on the same version as the projector in order to work with it. Most projectors will use older versions of Android as they don't need to be constantly updated unlike mobile phones.
    2. If you own an iPhone it will still be able to work with the projector, this is normally done via screen mirroring over Wi-Fi. The operating systems not being the same doesn't have a bearing on the connectivity.

    Where can I get one?

    If all of this has piqued your interest and you want to get your hands on an Android projector then you can view our range here.

  • Press Release: Pico Genie Launches 4 Amazing LED Projectors!


    Pico Genie launch an impressive range of new brighter portable LED projectors with increased brightness, wireless connectivity to Apple/Android and extended battery performance. This new range of mini LED projectors can meet all your needs from gaming to travel, educational, business or personal use! The new range massively differs to anything else on the market and will revolutionise the portable projector / display market!


    New Pico Genie Range April 2016


    FOUR new Pico Genie models will meet the portable projection needs of every business or consumer. Models now offer up to 650 lumens, include Android OS and are packed with every imaginable feature including unique benefits such as a 3 hour battery projecting at 650 lumens which is a world first!


    • Pico Genie M550: The world's first 650 lumen Android projector with battery power for up to 3 hours. The M550 has every feature a consumer could desire
    • Pico Genie P200: Uniquely offers 200 lumens standing out from the crowd with its slick design
    • Pico Genie P85: Breaking the mould, the P85 is a game changer for affordable wireless projection, wirelessly share Android or Apple devices at a great price
    • Pico Genie P55: An entry level product with incredible image quality and connectivity for a staggering low price.

    Ideal for home cinema, gaming, travel, education and more starting. Please take a look at the new range which starts from £149. 

    See the full specifications here: www.picogenie.com


    The full range is available exclusively at Personal Projector!


  • Benefits of LED projectors

    Why choose LED projectors? Here are just some of the excellent benefits of LED micro projectors...

    - No lamps – LED light source means there are no bulbs to replace in these projectors so you save a fortune on bulb replacements which can be up to £400 every year
    - Continual Optimum Resolution – lamp projectors can often experience deterioration in colour, brightness from day 1 whereas LED projectors ensure even several thousand hours usage you’re still getting crisp bright images
    - No Maintenance – there are no maintenance costs on LED projectors and no dust filters to replace
    - Greener product – there is no mercury inside LED projectors which means these products are easier to dispose of and are much more environmentally friendly
    - Instant on/off – no hanging around for the bulb to warm up or cool down and no risk of damaging the “bulb“ when turning off too quickly so ideal if travelling
    - No colour or image degradation - the quality of image projected from a bulb projector will degrade from the first time it is used whereas LED gives consistently high quality from the first day until the last day you use the projector.
    - Extra Features – even entry level LED projectors generally have a huge array of features not usually available on lamp projectors such as:

    • Battery power for Pico and some Palm sized units so you can use anywhere
    • Use as a stand alone device: with onboard memory there is no need to connect to any other device, just project straight from the projectors own memory, USB or SD card
    • Ultra portability: ultra light weight and portable with most pico projectors being the size and weight of a mobile/cell phone
    • Connect to smartphones, DVDs, TV’s, games consoles
    • Use the latest connection with HDMI
    • No cables or wires: Some projectors now use WiFi for streaming presentations, images, some video and more...

    Find out more about image quality of LED projectors, here

    (Updated 02/10/2014)






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