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  • Smartphone & iPhone Projector Review Comparison

    iPhone Projector Review: Pico Projectors compatible with iPhone / iPod / iPad / iTouch & Android Smartphones

    There are a whole host of projectors out there that are compatible with Apple iPhone, iPod or all the various iPad models etc, but how do you know which iPod projector is right for you? Below are some of the top rated, compatible projectors for your portable Apple devices:

    Pico Genie A100 – This is the world’s first 4-in-1 accessory for the iPhone 4/ 4siphone battery extender plus pico projector plus speakers plus protective iphone case and iPod Touch that incorporates a Pico projector, extended battery/ charger, speaker and rugged case design. Simply dock in an iPhone / iPod and use it as a handheld, LED, pico projector to share your photos & videos. It is the original and best of its kind on the market with DLP technology for brighter, higher contrast, higher quality images.

    Download the FREE new ProjOut app here in order to share webpages, photos (without slideshow mode), PDF’s and you can even project your camera as a live video feed and much more...

    3M MPro120 / 3M MPro150 (Best Price iPhone Projector) – Both of these great value for money handheld LED Pico projectors will connect to your iPhone / iPod / iPad with the optional cable (available here).  It enables you to project out photo and video content stored on your iPhone/ iPod straight from the palm of your hand, making them the ultimate gadgets and personal projectors.

    Vivitek Qumi Q2 (Best Phone Projector) – The palm sized Qumi Q2 comes with FREE apple AV cables for the iPhone / iPod / iPad which lets you project out photo & video content stored on your device. You can view your content at up to a 90” (diagonal) image size in high definition (720p, WXGA resolution) almost anywhere with its 300 lumens of brightness with this mini projector.

    3M MP180 – Purchase a 3M MP180 LED pico projector with the optional iPhone cable (available here) and you will be able to project out photo and video content stored on your Apple device. This Mini projector is great for business use and has Bluetooth transfer capability to send files to the device’s 4GB onboard memory.

    More projectors, Most of the Pico projector range is compatible with Apple devices and Smartphones, you just need to ensure that it has the right cable to connect to yours. If you are unsure, take a look at your device’s manual or website to find out what you will need.

    Mirroring the screen of your device for projecting Apps and more...

    One thing to remember when linking any Apple device to a projector is that Apple have restricted what you can output from all their devices. However, there are simple ways around this such as the ProjectOut App listed above on the Pico Genie A100 for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 

    Alternatively, Apple now also supply a mirroring cable for the iPad 2 and iPad 3 which allows you to mirror everything on screen exactly as you see it on your projected screen. These are available directly from Apple and do exactly what it says on the packet, letting you view everything you see on your screen through the projector. Great for sharing Apps, texts and more...

    If you dont have any of those devices eg you have an iPhone 3 then you can still purchase standard (cheaper iPhone AV cables) on this website that allow you to project photos directly from your iPod and in many cases you can also project BBC iPlayer or YouTube videos. The only company not playing by the rules still seems to be Sky with their SkyGo App as they do not allow any projection which is a real shame as its the perfect application. The only solution to this we know of means hacking your phone which is not something we would really recommend!

    Android Projector Phones (HDMI projection)

    Dont worry if you havent got the latest Samsung Beam projector phone as you can still have the best of both worlds with your existing smartphone by purchasing any of the companion pico projectors listed above. Not wanting to leave Android out of the equation many of the new Smartphones now such as the Samsung Galaxy or HTC phones have HDMI video out which will allow you to also project your photos, videos and in some cases your entire screen (check with your manufacturer or network providor).

    Again you will need to purchase these AV cables for projecting out seperately.

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