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Tag Archives: museum projection

  • Fujifilm Announces FP-Z8000 UST Projector with Rotating Lens

    FujiFilm has recently announced the development of the FujiFilm Z8000. A unique projector which boasts high brightness of 8000 lumens (lm) and a class-leading compact and lightweight design.

    The Z8000, to be launched in the beginning of 2021, will join the lineup of the Z Series of ultra-short throw projectors such as the Fujifilm Z5000 equipped with the world's first folded two-axial rotatable lens.

    Fujifilm FP Z8000 ISE

    The new FP-Z8000 inherits the main features of the FP-Z5000 while adopting a high-transmittance lens and a laser light source to deliver bright 8000lm images. It can project vivid and high-contrast images even when used for digital signage in brightly-lit stores.

    The projector comes in a class-leading compact (W460mm x D510mm x H163mm) and lightweight (weighing approximately 19kg) form factor by the optimum layout of components inside the main body. It can be positioned vertically or horizontally to enable spatial presentation that makes effective use of otherwise wasted space. The geometric correction function, which corrects distortion caused when projecting images on a curved surface, makes it possible to throw powerful images on places where such visual projection could not have been considered.

    With the expected launch of the new FP-Z8000 in the beginning of 2021, Fujifilm will expand the lineup of the Z Series, contributing to the creation of diverse spatial presentations at commercial facilities and art galleries or museums.

    The "folded two-axial rotatable lens" for spatial presentation as intended by designer

    The FP-Z8000 supports zero-offset projection, eliminating offset that occurs in conventional mirror-system ultra-short throw projectors to allow maximum use of projection surfaces in spatial presentation. Its 1.1x optical zoom capability means the size of projected images can be adjusted without having to move the projector.

    The use of a large-diameter aspherical lens element produces the class-leading Lens Shift function of up to 70% vertically and 35% horizontally. The function makes it easy to shift the position of projected images across a wide range without having to change the location of the main unit or direction of the lens. Users can freely create spatial presentation with their inspiration.

    Enhanced functions for versatile image presentation

    The FP-Z8000 has the geometric correction function, which corrects distortion caused when projecting images on a curved surface, enabling spatial presentation on curved walls.

    Images projected by multiple FP-Z8000 units can be stitched together in the Edge Blending function to produce dynamic images on a massive screen.

    The projector offers interfaces including HDMI that supports 4K signal input as well as DisplayPortTM and 3G-SDI to accommodate the development of diverse systems.

  • Fuji Shows Unique UST Projector with Swivel Lens at ISE 2019

    The new FujiFilm Z5000 Projector has been unveiled for the first time. Fuji are perhaps more know for their optics and cameras than they are for projectors, so you maybe surprised to learn Fuji have now entered the projector market. Not since Casio launched their ground breaking laser / LED projectors has the projector market seen such a revolution in a projector.

    Shown at ISE 2019 Exhibition in Amsterdam its sure to impress the market on many levels. Its packed with unique features and has a high specification.  The biggest trick up Fuji's sleeve is, its ability to rotate the lens across 6 different axis with just one twist of the lens.

    From an installation point of view this will prove invaluable to installers, saving them large amounts of time on setup and making it easy to install in spaces where normally a large heavy TV would be required.

    Videos of the Fuji UST Laser Projector in action

    Here are 3 different videos showing the new Fuji UST laser Projector in different locations.

    The first Fuji projector video demonstrates how easy it is with the remote control to move the projector's image across a wall from left to right or up and down. No complex installation needed.

    The second video shows a pre-production version of the Fuji projector demonstrating how the swivel of the lens can change the image to almost anywhere in a 360 degree radius from floor to wall to ceiling.

    Combine the 2 features above of lens shift and swivel lens along with corner correction and vertical and horizontal keystone correction it makes for very quick and easy projector installation.

    Impressive Footprint - The unit is much smaller than you would expect and surprisingly ergonomic in design and wouldn't look out of place even in a consumer environment so we expect this to be very popular with museums, art galleries and large prestigious venues looking for an aesthetically pleasing projector with curved edges and cool greys.

    Fuji Laser UST Projector Specification Details

    • Laser ultra short throw
    • 5500 lumens
    • A 100-inch screen from just 75cm
    • Rotating lens (two-axial rotatable)  projecting 6 different directions in total
      • up, down, front, rear, left and right
      • Portrait / Landscape
      • Ceiling (top) and Floor projection made easier
      • Installation can be either vertical or horizontal for narrower install areas
      • Easily switch between vertical and horizontal display
    • Compact UST -  with a footprint of only 0.18m2  horizontally and just 0.05m2 when placed vertically it opens up many areas for projection where previously you would have to use a large TV. The Fuji model can be concealed easily in much smaller spaces than other projectors
    • Easy Foldaway storage: compact body that turns into a box shape when the lens is folded in
    • Stunning design with beautifully rounded corners
    • All the Pro Install features of a high end projector


    When will the Fuji Projector be available?

    It is expected to be released in June although stock is limited and will be allocated to pre-orders on a first come first serve basis. Its likely only customers who have pre-ordered will secure stock. You can pre-order the FujiFilm Z5000 here. For information on trade pricing please contact us.

  • Digital Art Through Projection: Change Your Physical World

    Check out the amazing things Charles Sandison does with projectors converting environments into digital works of art through clever 360 projection onto walls, floors, ceilings and objects.

    I can see with music this kind of digital art projection would look fantastic as an installation in many public places, art galleries or museums or even for a concert.

    You can see more of Charles' amazing work at the website below.


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