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  • Should you buy a 4k TV or a 4k projector? Where is the best 4k TV content?

    One of the questions we are asked more and more at Personal Projector these days is should you buy a 4k TV or a 4k projector?

    The lines are now blurring between the 4k TV and the 4k projectors with 4k projector prices now rivalling 4k TVs. Projector brightness levels are also improving and most importantly 4k content is also becoming more easily available.

    What are the main differences between 4K TV versus 4k Projectors: Price, Screen Size, Brightness

    According to a recent article by T3 4th August 2017, "this year, some 230 million televisions will be sold worldwide (pub quizzers take note, of which 50 million will be 50-inch plus UHD models. On a high-street near you, the fastest-growing 4K screen size is now roughly 43 inches. As we strive for larger, cinema style screens the option to upgrade to a 4K projector has never looked better."

    Both the Acer H7850 and the Optoma UHDX550 4k projectors can project a 4K screen of up to 120-inches and beyond instead of 43", with built in sound systems to deliver an accessible cinema experience in your living room. Although we would still recommend they are connected up to an external home cinema audio system if you want the best 4k audio visual experience.

    Some 4k projectors are also now cheaper than the 4k TV equivalents at only £1899 inc vat which is half the price they were 12 months ago.

    Projector brightness has now also improved to around 3000 lumens on a 4k projector too meaning its perfect for viewing in normal light conditions without the curtains being drawn so you get the brightness and the cinema sized images in one package.

    How easy is it access 4K TV/Cinema Content ?

    There’s actually a huge difference between the various 4k paid TV content packages when it comes to the depth of their UHD catalogue. Here is a summary below of 4k content from the main providers in the UK via Sky, BT, Virgin, Amazon and Netflix.

    In addition you can also obtain free UHD 4k content via YouTube.

    How to find 4K content at a glance:

    4K Content SKY Q BT YouView + UHD Virgin V6 Amazon Fire Box Netflix
    Sports Sky Sports F1, Test Cricket, Premier League Football Champions + Europa League Football, Boxing, Rugby Stream through apps Stream through apps N/A
    Movies Sky Cinema In Development Stream through apps Stream through apps Stream through app
    TV and Box Sets Selected Box Sets On Demand Stream through apps Stream through apps Stream through app
    Events Selected Festivals no no no no

    UPDATE: 24th Oct 2018 Sky Q partners with Netflix means greater choice of HD and 4K content so nows the perfect time to invest in that ultimate home cinema such as the Benq W1600 UST.

    T3 tech magazine believe, "with 4k Cinema and 4k box sets on offer you can bingewatch shows in UHD, including The Blacklist, Fortitude and Riviera. If you’re watching live sports, 4K viewers will receive a prompt to switch to a UHD broadcast if it’s available. Sky offers the entire Formula 1 season in 4K plus Test Cricket and Premier League Football.

    Currently, the headline attraction from BT is 4K football (Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and EUFA Europa League), but it also screens regular UHD boxing and Aviva Premiership Rugby in 4K (with Dolby Atmos audio, which makes a not inconsiderable bonus).

    The latest set top box from cable giant Virgin TV, the ultra-compact V6, is 4K capable, too. Unfortunately, unlike Sky, Virgin TV currently does not offer any UHD content beyond Netflix and YouTube in 4K.

    If you’re hoping to stream 4K Netflix or Amazon Video content from a separate mediaplayer, the best value is Amazon’s Fire TV box, priced at £80. This hooks up via HDMI and supports 2160p streams. Only the bigger Amazon Fire box offers 4K, the little Amazon Fire stick is HD only.

    It’s also important to note that HDR from Netflix and Amazon is only available from apps integrated within a 4K HDR TV itself. It’s not (yet) available from outboard devices, like media players and Blu-ray decks."

    Two Popular 4k Projectors: Acer H7850 and Optoma UHD550X 

    The main advantage of course in viewing 4k content on a 4k projector as opposed to a 4k TV is the supersized ultra lifelike, immersive images blown up to a huge cinema size as it was intended to be and these 2 models below do a great job at very reasonable prices.

    The Acer H7850 4k projector delivers 4K resolutions with AcuMotion Frame Rate Enhancement to deliver sharper images during shaky or unstable moments in whatever you’re watching. Along this technology the brightness of 3000 lumens and built in speakers combine to provide a full cinema experience all in one box. This home cinema is available for £2,278.80 (Inc Vat).


    The Optoma UHD550X 4k projector goes one stage further than the Acer and provides a uniqe feature of vertical lens shift allowing you to bring the projector further or closer from the wall electronically ie without the need to move it which can be an advantage if you are restricted on where you need to place the projector.

    The various adjustments on offer means this projector is also incredibly accessible, easy to install and connect. It even has a built-in gaming-mode, optimising your projector for lightning response times, maximum contrast and vivid colours to capture every detail. This versatile projector is available at £1899.99 which is less than some 4K TVs.


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  • Interested In Creating Your Own Home Cinema? Roku 3 Allows You To Bookmark The Latest Films!






    In recent months Roku have announced an update to their streaming box which has caused quite a stir. Roku now allows you to bookmark films still in the cinema and send a notification to you when they’re available to stream! The launch of the Roku 3 is set to change how you watch TV at home!

    Roku 3 is a player that connects directly to your TV/Projector via HDMI, and to your home network to stream entertainment. It allows you choose from a wide selection of streaming channels put all your favorite content in one place. With over 1,700 streaming channels this is one of the best players on the market.

    Roku 3 Menu

    The player allows you to access a wide range of free channels, subscribe to popular streaming services such as Netflix and also rent the latest content. The recent update enables you to bookmark a film when it’s still in the cinema, once the film is available for streaming the Roku will send you a notification so you can instantly view it!

    Hook this up with your portable projector and you’ll never have to pay those extortionate cinema prices again!

    See our Pico Genie M400 Pro here, the perfect choice for creating a Personal Cinema in your home!


  • Create your own big screen cinema with NETFLIX and Pico Projectors

    Great news for iPhone and Android users everywhere! NETFLIX now has an APP available to download that lets you stream DVD’s and TV Series’ through your Smartphone and other portable devices. If you love film and would like to watch content on the go then a Pico Projector could be for you. Instead of watching on a screen a couple of inches wide, project images at 80” from a Pico projector like the Pico Genie P100 or LumaFire M200, by simply connecting a HDMI or MHL cable from your device to the projector.

    Pico Genie P100 LED projectorLED projectors like the Pico Genie P100 with 2 hours of battery life are a great way to view content on the go, whether it be at work, in your hotel room, camping, Skiing, at a wedding or long car journeys, the possibilities are endless. What is unique about NETFLIX is that there are no restrictions on what content you can project, unlike the SKY GO APP for example.

    Energizer External BatteryAdd extra power with the Energizer XP8000 & XP18000 external battery packs for those extended journeys, even charge up to 3 devices at once!

    If you sign up to NETFLIX this September (2012) you will receive a FREE month trial of the NETFLIX service.

  • Currys & PC World take on Netflix & LOVEFiLM

    Curry's & PC World have again joined forces in the retail world, this time to offer a new online streaming and download service for UK customers.

    As of March 1st, knowhowmovies.com have offered the streaming and/or download of the latest TVshows, Movie titles to your PC, Ultrabook or MAC (although you can only currently download movie titles to MAC's) for a monthly subscribtion fee of £0

    Although you can only currently download/stream the titles to your computer, it's promised that you will soon be able to view them from your mobile smartphone, games console, BluRay player, Tablet & TV

    Disney, Momentum pictures, Warner Bro's and Pixar are all on board from he get-go, with 1,500 titles available from 1st March, so it looks like they're ready to give other established services like NetFlix, LOVEFiLM, Hulu, Apple Tv, Google Tv a run for their money in the future.

    TV shows cost from 99p to £3.99 for a new show, films from £2.99 to £12.99 and are available in full HD and 5.1 Dolby Surround. This is an exciting time for TV and Movie lovers as competition in the market increases, now you can download and play with a Pico Projector

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