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  • Display Panels with in-built Wireless and Digital Signage

    If you wish for great flexibility of your wireless presentation solution in your meeting rooms and want to do more than just click and share, the Novo Ecosystem has got you covered!

    Novo Ecosystem has been designed to effortlessly combine wireless collaboration and digital signage functionality for large format display devices. It is a comprehensive product line designed for any type of visual communication, be it a meeting, digital signage or both!

    Perfect for business or education, the Novo Ecosystem is a flexible and scalable solution that will wow you with its convenience and ease of use.

    Vivitek has a new focus for 2020 on LED interactive panels for the education sector and business meetings. The main unique feature of their panels are the all-in-one panel + inbuilt wireless connectivity. Whilst there are many alternatives on the market Vivitek have focused on security and simplicity ensuring they match up to MOD-like standards for wireless sharing and are also incredibly easy to use.

    One of the key issues with wireless tech is reliability and this one doesn’t disappoint. A big advantage is its ability to work outside of networks with its wireless button that just connects a guests laptop to the projector / panel so no software downloads are required and no connection to the client network is required. Having the ability to connect any wireless device with wifi direct is a big bonus.


    - Designed for Huddle rooms and offices, NovoDisplay is essential for transforming group meetings into a welcoming and engaging team discussion and brainstorming session
    - All in one collaborative panel integrate 3 key functions to create one productivity boosting solution
    - 4K UHD display – visualise your ideas and enhance interaction
    - Collaboration wireless screen mirroring with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) interoperability
    - Effortlessly switch or display multiple participants at once to exchange ideas
    - Signage board – actively deliver information between the meetings or during downtime
    - Low total cost of ownership thanks to the free software and no license fee. Simple
    - Available in 43”, 55”, 65” or 75”

    The Vivitek Novo Panels not only include wireless connections to mobile devices but they also offer 2 other features

    1. an inbuilt digital signage service (unusually free for digital signage although there is a charge if connecting to the cloud but storing data on the local drive is fine)

    2. Multiple panel mirroring connections / repeater – some of the panels also include a wireless repeater option so it mirrors the screens across panels or projectors. This can be useful at large conferences, churches, concerts, school, events etc where the same info needs to be relayed from one screen to another via the Novo’s built in connection options.


    Alternative options for digital signage or creating blended projection displays also include the Fuji Z5000 5000 ansi lumen laser projector with rotating lens, ideal for installation of signage solutions in difficult places to reach due its lens shift and swivel lens capabilities.

    The Fuji Z5000 is very discreet and now available in white or



    Horizontal or Vertical positioning of the Fuji projector is so simple it just requires a twist of the lens.


    Please contact us by email, phone or live chat for more information on the whole range of NovoDisplay panels or Novo standalone wireless collaboration devices or digital signage solutions.

    Personal Projector Ltd, 01924 589 589

  • NEW: NovoConnect NC-X300 - Ultimate Wireless Collaboration Solution

    NEW: Find out more about the NovoConnect NC-X300 the ultimate wireless collaboration solution for small and medium size businesses

    The NC-X300 is designed for small and medium enterprises and it perfectly fits business collaboration needs. With the NC-X300 you will enhance your visual interaction by showing  your screen on a large format display.

    Learn more avout NC-X300 and watch the product video Here !

    Product INSIGHTS: NovoDisplay all-in-one solution combine wireless collaboration and digital signage

    Designed for huddle rooms and offices, the NovoDisplay integrates three key functions: 4K-UHD display, wireless collaboration capabilities and digital signage.

    See more of the Vivitek Novo Range HERE

  • Vivitek's Novo Range promotes a more efficient collaborative classroom

    For today’s students, a blackboard just isn’t enough. Social media, videos and other online resources play a vital part in the educational experience. NovoConnect Solution enables students to contribute to the classroom, while keeping educators and administrators in full control of content.

    Connect to share content and mirror any device directly onto the projector screen or monitor at meetings and lectures. Work with up to 64 students, share screens from up to 4 devices with cross-platform screen mirroring.

    Connect. Teach. Share.

    Share ideas and files instantly with all participants, so no one is out of
    the loop. 

    No time to waste. Bring your own device. Keep in control. No License Fees.

    Free software upgrades and no license fee enable large scale implementation with no hidden costs. Teachers have no time to waste fumbling around with cables. That’s where NovoConnect comes in – full wireless operation and support for content sharing enable educators to make the most out of every lesson.

    NovoConnect is a wireless presentation system designed for the education market and based on the BYOD principle. That means that everyone can connect and share content using the Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or Chromebook device of their choice. NovoConnect’s innovative moderator preview function enables students participate fluidly in the discussion, all while giving the teacher full control over displays.

    Novo Touch

    NovoTouch is an all-in-one premium choice
    featuring an interactive screen available
    in various sizes

    Novo Pro

    NovoPro is designed to be integrated
    into the existing network and deployed
    to multiple rooms.

    Novo Enterprise

    NovoEnterprise is the ideal companion for
    a meeting room projector, or screen - ensuring
    optimal standalone WiFi performance.

    Launcher Plus

    The optional LauncherPlus connects to a laptop to
    establish a direct WiFi connection to any NovoConnect
    device. This USB dongle greatly simplifes the connection.
    With zero impact on the existing network, this USB
    dongle makes WiFi connection to NovoConnect devices
    easy and secure.



    Business applications: PDF

  • The latest in Digital Signage, LFDs, Touchpanels from Personal Projector

    The world of digital signage always offers a glimpse into the future, so come and have a look at what sci-fi concepts will soon be on display. We've got touchpanels, LFDs, and videowalls to cater for both the classroom and the showroom.

    Spice up your walls with these amazing digital signage panels which can be combined to make a cost effective video wall. Its hang and go installation is a real bonus. Get a smooth and simple 4K videowall in no time with the BenQ PL490 Slim Bezel Videowall:

    If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to an interactive whiteboard than a TouchScreen Panel or traditional whiteboard, try the Acer Touch Kit which has no shadow issues and is a great price. Having an interactive whiteboard that takes up so little space and can be moved with a projector is also a real money saver for schools!

    These 4K UHD interactive touch panels are great for the boardroom or the classroom or simply pretending you are a football pundit / BBC Newsreader. Collaborate quickly and effectively with this touchpanel and its inbuilt novoenterprise sharing system for up to 64 participants! Designed with large demonstrations in mind the NovoTouch can even share 4K video with ease over its collaboration system.

  • The Ultimate collaboration tool: Vivitek's NovoTouch panel

    The Vivitek NovoTouch Panel is a 4K Ultra HD screen with NovoEnterprise for sharing, comparing and collaborating in a conference room or the classroom, using one-click management.

    With the in-built Moderation and On-screen annotation function you can stay in control of meetings with up to 64 members viewing the central screen on their device. High speed secure wifi also gives both you and your audience peace of mind even in large group events.

    Users can manipulate content with up to 20-points of touch, common gesture interactivity and on-screen annotation. The LED backlit technology also offers a brighter picture, longer life (minimum of 30,000 hours) and lower energy cost.

    The presentation and collaboration management software provides a meeting host (or the teacher) with the following functions:

    • Connect up to 64 users
    • Four members can present on the screen using a quad-split screen
    • One-click control over who displays
    • Presenter screen preview
    • Secured meeting login
    • Moderator
    • Poll/vote feature that measures audience comprehension
    • An anti-glare surface improves the screen visibility in high ambient light environments and a 4mm thick toughened glass provides  added protection against screen damage

    Here's the NovoTouch LK8630i, 86" TouchPanel in action:

    [video width="640" height="480" mp4="http://www.personalprojector.co.uk/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/20180209_135158.mp4"][/video]
  • Vivitek Novo Enterprise Review

    Effortless Big Screen Sharing, Annotating, Collaborating

    The Vivitek NovoEnterprise is a wireless collaboration solution designed for use with up to 64 participants at once, with 4 on screen sources being viewed at any one time.

    With NovoEnterprise, anyone in a boardroom, hall or classroom that’s using the system can connect to a projector or screen and instantly share content and collaborate to the big screen wirelessly and without having to rely on the local network. NovoEnterprise enables participants to connect from tablets, phones or laptops using WiFi.

    As NovoEnterprise is a wireless presentation system designed and based on the principle of BYOD, anyone can connect and share content using the Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or Chromebook device of their choice.

    With Onscreen voting participation has never been easier. Voting and Air note for onscreen drawing and annotation combine to deliver a rich collaboration and presentation  experience that can be shared easily and safely with a large number of participants.


    In this interconnected world security should be on the mind of any large business that caters for guest or clients. The NovoEnterprise and its launcher buttons allow guests to easily connect to your sharing network, driver free, allowing a safer and more manageable access point than your normal wifi network.

    Save Money and Time

    Emails, texts and instant messaging are useful for sharing your work and ideas but instant screen sharing could dramatically reduce the time spent sending emails back and forth.

    NovoEnterprise is also supplied with free software upgrades and as there’s no license fee, it makes large scale implementations possible with no hidden costs.


    Large businesses, universities and any corporate environment with collaboration, education or efficiency in mind should consider the  NovoEnterprise as a secure and simple way to share their work.

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