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  • Vivitek extends it's Novo Ecosystem with the NC-X700 and NC-X900

    Vivitek extends it's Novo Ecosystem with the NC-X700 and NC-X900 

    The NC-X700 and the NC-X900 are ideally suited to those who already have a screen or a projector, but wish to enhance or extend their existing AV infrastructure with wireless collaboration, or maximize their screen use with digital signage.

    Share your screen wirelessly

    With the NC-X700 and NC-X900 meeting participants are able to show wirelessly their device screen to a larger display. Use the capability of hassle-free mirroring, fully adapted to the BYOD practice. Thanks to the cross-platform compatibility with Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Android and iOS, the connection is smooth and easy.

    In addition, users can make a direct connection with the Windows 10 Miracast. Guests will benefit from the optional LauncherPlus USB, which is an extension for direct WiFi connectivity from any laptop.

    NovoConnect offers a suite of collaboration tools ranging from the ability to switch participants’ screens dynamically, to displaying up to four participants simultaneously.
    Meanwhile, advanced moderation functions help the meeting host to remain in control of the meeting agenda.

    Safeguard your meetings
    All NovoConnect products offer built-in security features, which include AES-256 encryption, dual networks to separate guest and employee networks, and password protected configuration. The optional LauncherOne for laptop connectivity, ensures the solution’s true compliance to DLP policies and GDPR guidelines.

    Two in One - seamlessly switch from wireless collaboration to digital signage

    The NC-X700 and NC-X900 offer more than ‘just’ wireless collaboration. Both models add even more value by offering a seamless switch to digital signage in 4K resolution. Thanks to it's built-in NovoDS digital signage, creating messages and company announcements is made easy through its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This enables users to transform idle screens into active digital announcement boards to communicate messages.

    See Vivitek Novo Range HERE

  • NEW: NovoConnect NC-X300 - Ultimate Wireless Collaboration Solution

    NEW: Find out more about the NovoConnect NC-X300 the ultimate wireless collaboration solution for small and medium size businesses

    The NC-X300 is designed for small and medium enterprises and it perfectly fits business collaboration needs. With the NC-X300 you will enhance your visual interaction by showing  your screen on a large format display.

    Learn more avout NC-X300 and watch the product video Here !

    Product INSIGHTS: NovoDisplay all-in-one solution combine wireless collaboration and digital signage

    Designed for huddle rooms and offices, the NovoDisplay integrates three key functions: 4K-UHD display, wireless collaboration capabilities and digital signage.

    See more of the Vivitek Novo Range HERE

  • Vivitek Novo Ecosystem - Privacy and security come first!

    Security is the first priority, especially with wireless collaboration where you want to secure all great ideas are shared.
    Proactively addressing the security concerns, Vivitek has designed the NovoConnect wireless collaboration solution hardware and software for data protection and network security.

    With NovoConnect you will share content and collaborate  in a secure way from any device using just the NovoConnect LauncherOne to create an instant wireless connection.

    Safeguard your meetings
    Advanced security comes with the AES-256 encryption and wireless security protocols, WEP, WAP and WAP2.

    Dual network capability
    With  a separate LAN for employee and WiFi access for guest connections.

    PIN access
    Enable PIN authentication.

    Simple network integration
    Simple to set-up with no additional access point required.

    DLP compliance
    The optional LauncherOne designed for the use with a locked USB port in the laptop to ensure compliance with Data Lost Protection policies and GDPR guidelines.

    See the range of Novo Products here: https://bit.ly/2RZOfvo

  • Vivitek NovoDS Cloud V1.3.1 Adds Some Great New Features!

    Cloud Based Digital Signage Solution

    The NovoDS Digital Signage Solution Cloud is an easy-to-use platform for creating digital content solutions that are suitable for a variety of corporate and educational applications. Be it a digital menu for your restaurant or an announcement board, NovoDS has got you covered.

    NovoDS range picture

    What's in the new version

    In the new version it is even easier to customise your playlist.

    You can now Create, Edit and Preview Your Playlist Online.

    Customising existing playlists and creating new ones are made even easier now that all features can be performed online using the NovoDS Cloud.

    NovoDS new version example

    New library features

    The new media library capabilities in NovoDS Cloud allow the storage of cloud media files that can be used to create and edit playlists. This new feature makes it easy to share files between cloud users, such as administrators, designers, and publishers.

    NovoDS library example

    New User Interface Dashboard

    The new  update also brings a refreshing change to the dashboard, summarising you account activity and the status of your device at a glance.

    NovoDS new dashboard example

    Where can I get one?

    If you fancy getting your hands on the NovoDS yourself you can grab one here.

    I want to know more

    You can learn more about how NovoDS works and its features via the video below:

  • The One-box Digital signage solution: The Novo DS Mini

    Vivitek's Novo DS Mini is the cost effective signage solution to deliver your messages, with no software fees to tie you down and no tricky CMS hampering the design process. Digital signage content can incorporate text, photos, audio, video, and web content in fully customisable configurations for a variety of environments. Easy to use, NovoDS Solution offers the convenience of updating content over the network or using a microSD card.

    Flexible, easy-to-create layout.

    Thanks to drag-and-drop template customisation and highly intuitive playlist editing, it’s so easy to use that even non-technical staff members will feel at ease. The list of applications is endless and the solution is easy with NovoDS4K, NovoDS and NovoDSmini. Having 36 signage templates and as well as easily customisable user templates means anyone can start making a professional signage design.

    You can even see you designs in Full HD 1080p, 60fps display quality with support for the next generation of ultra-high resolution (3840 x 2160) displays from the USB or microSD slot.

    Open software API

    To accommodate custom applications requiring machine-to-machine communication between IT systems, AV systems, and more, NovoDS provides an Open Software API. By granting developers an easily accessible means of transmitting requests to their NovoDS device, organizations can greatly enhance the possibilities of their digital signage deployment.

    NovoDS Cloud 

    For remote device and content management over the internet. This easy-to-use, role-based cloud service enables administrators, publishers, and designers to manage playlists, set up devices, create users accounts, and more from anywhere with an internet connection. NovoDS can be deployed as a public cloud solution or on their own server.

    Simple Signage

    With all these features packed into a powerful little device Novo DS Mini is the complete Signage solution made simple.

  • The latest in Digital Signage, LFDs, Touchpanels from Personal Projector

    The world of digital signage always offers a glimpse into the future, so come and have a look at what sci-fi concepts will soon be on display. We've got touchpanels, LFDs, and videowalls to cater for both the classroom and the showroom.

    Spice up your walls with these amazing digital signage panels which can be combined to make a cost effective video wall. Its hang and go installation is a real bonus. Get a smooth and simple 4K videowall in no time with the BenQ PL490 Slim Bezel Videowall:

    If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to an interactive whiteboard than a TouchScreen Panel or traditional whiteboard, try the Acer Touch Kit which has no shadow issues and is a great price. Having an interactive whiteboard that takes up so little space and can be moved with a projector is also a real money saver for schools!

    These 4K UHD interactive touch panels are great for the boardroom or the classroom or simply pretending you are a football pundit / BBC Newsreader. Collaborate quickly and effectively with this touchpanel and its inbuilt novoenterprise sharing system for up to 64 participants! Designed with large demonstrations in mind the NovoTouch can even share 4K video with ease over its collaboration system.

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