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Tag Archives: novoconnect

  • Vivitek's New Laser Projector the DU4771Z

    Vivitek's New Laser Projector the DU4771Z is set to Deliver Impressive Colour and Brightness Performance, Combined with its Unique Compact Design.

    The New DU4771Z laser projector is the successor to Vivitek’s DU4671Z. With its compact footprint and 10kg weight, this laser projector is appropriately-sized for classroom environments and companies with medium sized meeting rooms that need a powerful laser projector, but without the size and weight traditionally associated with them.

    The projector comes with three HDMI ports and also HDBaseT, which is ideal in scenarios where it is necessary to run very long cables. To ensure an excellent audio experience, the DU4771Z comes with built-in 2x 5W audio speakers with multiple audio interfaces. Image adjustment is very easy with four corner corrections, horizontal and vertical keystone corrections. Meanwhile the DICOM* simulation mode is available for medical training and seminars, ensuring excellent streamlined learning experiences.

    The DU4771Z is compatible with Vivitek’s NovoConnect wireless collaboration solutions.

    NovoConnect enables users to wirelessly connect to the projector, as well as share files, meeting minutes and snapshots with all participants, while keeping the moderator in control of the agenda.

    See our range of Vivitek projectors HERE

  • NEW: NovoConnect NC-X300 - Ultimate Wireless Collaboration Solution

    NEW: Find out more about the NovoConnect NC-X300 the ultimate wireless collaboration solution for small and medium size businesses

    The NC-X300 is designed for small and medium enterprises and it perfectly fits business collaboration needs. With the NC-X300 you will enhance your visual interaction by showing  your screen on a large format display.

    Learn more avout NC-X300 and watch the product video Here !

    Product INSIGHTS: NovoDisplay all-in-one solution combine wireless collaboration and digital signage

    Designed for huddle rooms and offices, the NovoDisplay integrates three key functions: 4K-UHD display, wireless collaboration capabilities and digital signage.

    See more of the Vivitek Novo Range HERE

  • NovoTouch Becomes Finalist in the InAVation Awards 2019

    The exceptional performance of the Vivitek NovoTouch has been recognised by the InAVation Awards and has been nominated as a ‘Finalist’ product in the category : Presentation Innovation of the Year!

    NovoTouch Finalist

    The NovoTouch offers a visual solution for meeting rooms or huddle spaces of all sizes and in all locations. The flat panel design allow users to engage employees in team collaboration via large displays and interactive technology. With 20-point touch capabilities, a suite of office productivity Apps, and Vivitek’s NovoConnect collaboration software, users can actively engage with presentation materials to bring meetings, brainstorming or training sessions alive.

    The NovoTouch is available in various sizes to suit all requirements, you can find more information on each of the models below:

    NovoTouch LK6530i 65"

    NovoTouch LK7530i 75"

    NovoTouch LK8630i 86"

    NovoTouch LK9810i 98"

  • Wireless Collaboration for High Security Industries: NovoConnect LauncherOne

    The NovoConnect LauncherOne provides a robust and ironclad solution for those companies that need Wifi sharing but don't want the risks. Financial services companies, legal firms and any business that deals with sensitive information will want a safe but easy to operate network.

    The LauncherOne is a series of buttons that can be added to an existing Novo wireless sharing network:

    browse the Novo range here and ask for a LauncherOne add-on.

    By following the most stringent Data Loss prevention compliance policies (DLP) the LauncherOne offers peace of mind for industries usually left worrying over their security.

    The Direct wireless connection between the launcher and the main NovoConnect unit means no risk of ransomware or virus attacks while having no impact on your existing network traffic. For added reassurance, the data is protected with AES-256 encryption to ensure safe communication.

    Hassle-Free Wireless Mirroring at Ease

    Meeting participants can project wirelessly without any additional configuration. Save time for your team. Let them focus on the presentation, instead of software or driver installation, nor administrative access level. The portable App can run with a simple double-click.

    Data Loss Prevention Compliant

    LauncherOne is a USB-storage-less device to prevent unauthorized data transfer. Its wireless data is also protected with AES-256 encryption to ensure safe communication.

    Minimized USB Security Risk

    Without a USB storage on the LauncherOne, the risk of spreading viruses or of ransomware attacks is eliminated.

    Zero Impact on Existing Network Traffic

    Thanks to the dedicated and direct wireless connection between the LauncherOne and the NovoConnect main unit, the existing network traffic will not be affected.

  • Vivitek's Novo Range promotes a more efficient collaborative classroom

    For today’s students, a blackboard just isn’t enough. Social media, videos and other online resources play a vital part in the educational experience. NovoConnect Solution enables students to contribute to the classroom, while keeping educators and administrators in full control of content.

    Connect to share content and mirror any device directly onto the projector screen or monitor at meetings and lectures. Work with up to 64 students, share screens from up to 4 devices with cross-platform screen mirroring.

    Connect. Teach. Share.

    Share ideas and files instantly with all participants, so no one is out of
    the loop. 

    No time to waste. Bring your own device. Keep in control. No License Fees.

    Free software upgrades and no license fee enable large scale implementation with no hidden costs. Teachers have no time to waste fumbling around with cables. That’s where NovoConnect comes in – full wireless operation and support for content sharing enable educators to make the most out of every lesson.

    NovoConnect is a wireless presentation system designed for the education market and based on the BYOD principle. That means that everyone can connect and share content using the Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or Chromebook device of their choice. NovoConnect’s innovative moderator preview function enables students participate fluidly in the discussion, all while giving the teacher full control over displays.

    Novo Touch

    NovoTouch is an all-in-one premium choice
    featuring an interactive screen available
    in various sizes

    Novo Pro

    NovoPro is designed to be integrated
    into the existing network and deployed
    to multiple rooms.

    Novo Enterprise

    NovoEnterprise is the ideal companion for
    a meeting room projector, or screen - ensuring
    optimal standalone WiFi performance.

    Launcher Plus

    The optional LauncherPlus connects to a laptop to
    establish a direct WiFi connection to any NovoConnect
    device. This USB dongle greatly simplifes the connection.
    With zero impact on the existing network, this USB
    dongle makes WiFi connection to NovoConnect devices
    easy and secure.



    Business applications: PDF

  • Vivitek Novo Enterprise Review

    Effortless Big Screen Sharing, Annotating, Collaborating

    The Vivitek NovoEnterprise is a wireless collaboration solution designed for use with up to 64 participants at once, with 4 on screen sources being viewed at any one time.

    With NovoEnterprise, anyone in a boardroom, hall or classroom that’s using the system can connect to a projector or screen and instantly share content and collaborate to the big screen wirelessly and without having to rely on the local network. NovoEnterprise enables participants to connect from tablets, phones or laptops using WiFi.

    As NovoEnterprise is a wireless presentation system designed and based on the principle of BYOD, anyone can connect and share content using the Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or Chromebook device of their choice.

    With Onscreen voting participation has never been easier. Voting and Air note for onscreen drawing and annotation combine to deliver a rich collaboration and presentation  experience that can be shared easily and safely with a large number of participants.


    In this interconnected world security should be on the mind of any large business that caters for guest or clients. The NovoEnterprise and its launcher buttons allow guests to easily connect to your sharing network, driver free, allowing a safer and more manageable access point than your normal wifi network.

    Save Money and Time

    Emails, texts and instant messaging are useful for sharing your work and ideas but instant screen sharing could dramatically reduce the time spent sending emails back and forth.

    NovoEnterprise is also supplied with free software upgrades and as there’s no license fee, it makes large scale implementations possible with no hidden costs.


    Large businesses, universities and any corporate environment with collaboration, education or efficiency in mind should consider the  NovoEnterprise as a secure and simple way to share their work.

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