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  • Get the best value 4K UHD Home Cinema Laser Projector available!

    Having a big TV up to 85" is great but sometimes you want to feel like you're going to the cinema with a 100" or 150" screen but without having an enormous TV in the lounge.

    The new breed of Ultra Short Throw projectors such as the Chiq B5U from Changhong allow you to discreetly hide away the projector up against the wall (with zero installation) but at the same time allow you to enjoy a bigger 4K cinematic experience than even the largest TV.  So you can achieve almost double the normal screen size at a reasonable price (its cheaper per inch than a standard TV) at only £1899.

    the CHIQ B5U is one of the most understated Laser Projectors with its ANSI Lumens and Contrast providing us with over double than what is stated on the specification, putting it as the best valued Home Cinema 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector on the market.

    Check out this video showing how understated the Chiq projector is and how bright it is in full daylight compared to its closest competitor

    Image Quality & Ultra Short Throw

    The Chiq B5U is almost certain to give the WOW factor every time it is turned on with its gorgeous 4K Ultra HD Resolution.

    The B5Us Ultra Short Throw feature projects a MASSIVE screen size of up to 150” (bigger than any 4K TV) from just inches away from the wall, making it much simply and cheaper to install and hide away in a cabinet up against the wall.

    Images project in most lighting conditions and can achieve bright and clear images with the projectors high brightness of 1900 ANSI Lumens and contrast ratio of 15000:1. Also with the pure laser light source and wide colour gamut of ≥130% you can be guaranteed true and natural colours.

    B5U also features an Eye Protection function to avoid accidental damages to your eyes. With its built-in sensor, when someone gets too close to the lens, the projector will shut down the light source temporarily (5 seconds) to avoid eye damage.

    Get the best gaming experience when playing the latest titles such as Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare with the B5Us fast Refresh Frequency of 240Hz and an input lag of only 30/35ms.

    Be able to project in almost any lighting condition with an Ambient Light Rejection Screen and achieve bright and clear images with the projectors high brightness and understated 1900 ANSI Lumens and contrast ratio of 15000:1. With the pure laser light source and wide colour gamut of ≥130% you can be guaranteed true and natural colours.

    4K Laser Home Cinema Projector

    Sound Quality

    Whilst most home cinema afficionado's will connect external speakers to their projector, the Chiq B5U does actually have a better internal sound system than most projectors with its two 10 watt speakers built in.

    You can easily connect to external speakers via Bluetooth.

    Low noise is key for any projector and this one comes in at a relatively quite 30db helped by the laser light source which generally uses less power than a lamp projector.


    The B5U offers full range of connection ports including Ethernet, coaxial output, audio output, VGA audio Input, VGA input, 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x HDMI 2.0, built-in WiFi (5GHz/2.4GHz Dual Band) and built-in Bluetooth 5.0.

    Warranty & Lamp Life: Hassle Free

    It can be a worry when purchasing a new brand that you may not have heard of previously so its good to know that Changhong has been one of the top 3 brands of high quality TVs (and now projectors) and is a household name to millions across Asia.

    As a lamp-free laser projector, the B5U offers over 25,000 hours maintenance free lifespan.

    To back up the quality of the projectors, all Changhong projectors include a 2 year UK warranty as standard and a 5 year right to repair. The latter ensures spare parts are guaranteed to be kept for 5 years so it can always be repaired within that time.

    In addition, this is serviced in the UK so there is none of the usual hassle of returning goods to China, paying huge postage costs or arguing with Chinese sellers over warranties.

    Try before you buy with our 14 day money back guarantee.

    Content: Amazon Fire Stick included

    Stream all your favourite movies/videos on your preferred streaming app straight from the projector with the Amazon Fire stick  included with B5U.


    The ChangHong Chiq B5U has a wide range of features, connectivity and inbuilt TV content and is a perfect 4K projector for anyone looking to enhance their living space and enjoy a true cinematic experience at a very reasonable price .

  • How to connect your MacBook Pro to a Projector / TV

    Method 1, HDMI connection - Adaptor and Cables

    1. Your Projector / TV must have a HDMI port on it in order to connect your MacBook Pro. 
    2. You will need a HDMI cable.
    3. If you have a Retina Display MacBook Pro, you will probably have a HDMI port and so you do not need an adapter, simply connect the HDMI cable to the MacBook Pro and the Projector / TV
    4. If you have a MacBook Pro without a HDMI port you will need a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adaptor or cable. You can get them here: 
    5. Connect the HDMI cable to the Mini DisplayPort adapter, then connect the Mini DisplayPort adapter to the MacBook Pro and finally connect the HDMI cable to the Projector / TV
    6. Change the 'Source' on your Projector / TV to HDMI

    Method 2, VGA connection 

    1. Your Projector / TV must have a VGA port on it in order to connect your MacBook Pro.
    2. You will need a Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter plus a VGA cable
    3. You will also need an audio cable if you wish to stream sound from your MacBook Pro to your projector/ TV as VGA cables do not carry sound
    4. Connect the Mini DisplayPort adapter to the VGA cable, then connect the Mini DisplayPort adapter to the Macbook Pro and the VGA cable to the Projector / TV
    5. Connect your audio cable to both devices at this point if applicable
    6. Change the 'Source' on your Projector / TV to HDMI


    See the Pico Genie M550 Plus here. It's the perfect Projector for your MacBook!

    M550 New

    Note about Mini DisplayPort adaptors - buy them here

    All adapters and cables for Apple products should be sourced directly from Apple or an Apple authorised reseller. Personal Projector does not sell Apple cables.

    Some of the more recent Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters include audio support, meaning that if you have one of these you will not need an extra cable to get sound.

    If you have one of the older Mini DisplayPort adaptors or a VGA Mini DisplayPort adaptor, you will also need an audio cable to connect the MacBook to the projector / TV

    Click here for help changing the display on your MacBook Pro to display out via HDMI connection with a Mini DisplayPort

    Also: Do not confuse your Mini DVI port with the Firewire 800

  • New Full HD Portable Projector: Optoma EH330

    The new Optoma EH330 offers you a Full HD quality image in a tiny portable unit. Despite being small and light enough to fit in a bag or handbag, the Optoma EH330 offers an incredible 3,100 lumens from its lamp, making it bright enough to give you a clear image even in a normally lit room. Combine this with its native Full HD 1080p resolution and you get a projector that can be relied on to give you the best image possible whether you're using it for home cinema or a business presentation.


    The EH330 also has a couple of different options for you when it comes to sound. You can use the onboard 2w speakers, or you can plug in external speakers via the 3.5mm jack.

    As this is a lamp projector, the lifespan of the lamp isn't what you'd get from a similarly priced LED projector, such as the Pico Genie M550 Plus. Whereas the M550 Plus gives you up to 30,000 hours of projection, the EH330's lamp will need replacing after only 5-8,000 hours. This is still mighty impressive for a lamp-based projector at this price however!

    download (2)

    It also lacks a number of the Pico Genie M550 Plus' other features, such as battery backup, Android OS and short throw projection, so if you want a portable projector that can do it all, the M550 Plus may be worth a look. If you're looking for a simple, high-brightness and high-quality projector though, the Optoma offers tremendous value considering the high lumens and resolution.

  • The Universal Power Source for your portable electronic devices


    If you regularly run out of power on your electronic devices, consider the new Energizer backup battery. These high performance, lightweight batteries power everything from pocket projectors to iPads, laptops, cameras and other electronic gadgets and are perfect for holidays! The two new Energizer models hold charge for a whole year! They are now so powerful they can even power portable projectors for up to 6 hours.

    Key Unique Features: Emergency Power Supplies

    • Charge 3 devices at once
      • Power your projector, laptop and smartphone simultaneously with one battery
      • Add from 2 up to 540 hours additional charge to your gadgets*
    • Batteries stay charged for 1 year
      • Once you charge your battery it will hold its charge for 12 months if you don't use it!
    • Total compatibility - Works with all your devices 
      • Power any electronic device.
      • "Free Tips for Life" ensures total compatibility of the battery on all your current and future gadgets.
    • Travel through airports hassle free
      • The batteries contain no acid so do not pose security risks
    Meet the latest Energizer batteries:  
    Energizer  XP8000 (£99.88 Inc. Vat)
    Energizer  XP18000 (£127 Inc. Vat)
    Ideal for: Netbooks, Smartphones, e-Tablets, Music Players, Portable games consoles, digital cameras & more.
    Ideal for: As per the XP8000 model's features plus longer power charges and also ideal for projectors, laptops & more.
     Power your:

    Smartphone for up to 50 hours
    Music player up to 240 hours
    Netbook for up to 3 hours
    Pocket projectors for up to 6 hours
    (Up to 100 lumens)
    Power your:

    Smartphone for up to 112 hours
    Digital camera for up to 7000 extra photos
    Music player for up to 540 hours
    Laptop for up to 6 hours
    Mini palm projectors for up to 2 hours
    (Up to 300 lumens)
    Compatible Projectors:
    All LED Pocket projectors including: 3M MPro120, 3M MPro150, 3M MP180, Optoma PK301+ and more
    LED Palm Projectors including: LumaFire M200, Vivitek Qumi Q2,  Viewsonic PLED-W200
    Up to 2 hours of extra charge

     Why choose portable power?

    Charge and power up to 3 devices at once
    Can be charged up to 500 times
    Longest industry 3 year warranty
    Charge, temperature and short-circuit protection
    Comes Pre-Charged out of the box
    Just plug it in for instant power
    No more bulky AC adapters and messy cords
    Charge and discharge at the same time
    Energy star certified with full charge auto shut off
  • Review and comparison of Optoma PK301, PK301+ (new) and PK320

    Optoma recently launched the new Optoma PK301+ projector to replace the now end of line Optoma PK301. This new model is very similar to the much higher priced pocket projector from Optoma, the PK320. The new Optoma PK301+ Plus, is not only a fraction of the price of the Optoma PK320 but it has almost all the same benefits.

    New Features Optoma PK301+

    The Optoma PK301+ is based on the original Optoma PK301 but with key differences

    • Brighter – 100 Lumens, widescreen images up to 150” (381cm)
    • Better contrast - for sharper, clearer images
    • Great price

    Features inherited from the Optoma PK301

    • Superior color performance and image quality (vs. LCOS)
    • Compact, stylish, light design allows you to move it anywhere with ease
    • USB file transfer/charging from PC/ Notebook computer
    • Project from a variety of devices – connect via HDMI, VGA and AV inputs
    • Connection to external speakers or headphones
    • Expandable memory up to 32GB to store a wide range of multimedia files
    • Use with Apple devices – Apple iPad®, iPod®, iPhone® and phone compatible
    • Battery life up to 1.5 hrs
    • Lamp life for 20,000 hours
    • Full review and more info click here: Optoma PK301+ spec
    • Product page available here

    Alternatively, if you want improved connectivity and even higher resolution (XGA instead of WVGA) with 100 lumens of brightness you may wish to consider the LumaFire M200 palm sized projector which has a host of in-the-box accessories (also available as a bundle) and

    Why not bundle your new LED projector with an external battery back from Energizer which works with all our LED projectors providing battery powered projection without sacrificing excellent image quality or reducing the number of lumens when on battery power, to give you valuable extra projection time. It can also power your other electronic gadgets at the same time while on the go.

    Optoma PK301+ comparison table





    Aspect Ratio









    854 x 480 (WVGA)

    854 x 480 (WVGA)

    854 x 480 (WVGA)

    Contrast Ratio




    Battery Life (Hrs)
















    USB (upgrade/file transfer)




    Internal Memory




    Card Slot








    Audio Out




    Native Office Viewer

    Using Arcsoft

    PowerPoint only

    Using Arcsoft

    PowerPoint only


    PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Adobe

    OSD support

    GB, FR, ES, DE, PT, TR

    GB, FR, ES, DE, PT, TR

    GB, FR, ES, PT, DE, IT,

    RU, PL, DK, SE, GR


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