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Tag Archives: Press Release

  • Giakonda's Solar School

    We recently supplied a portable projector for Giakonda's fantastic Solar Schools Project in South Zambia. A collection of charities including the Wales Africa Hub and the Waterloo Foundation banded together to bring electricity to Kawila school and with it the promise of education for the community. Watch the video below to find out more.

    Education for all

    The solar powered project is focused on helping train the next generation of students and teachers in the area, using the electricity to create a modern educational environment.

    Some parts of South Zambia still operate without any electricity at all, so the educational aspect to the project could help create the engineers the area need.

    Portable and Battery Powered

    A portable projector with an in-built battery was chosen so that when electricity was scarce at the school the projector could run off its own charge and keep the lessons going. Schools around the world experience power-outages, floods or damage to their classrooms but that doesn't have to mean the end of the lesson.

    Providing an ideal back-up to the conventional classroom projector, the range of ultra portable projectors with in-built batteries offer a project anywhere, anytime solution. You can take your lesson anywhere,

    We are proud to have played a small part in bringing a modern educational experience to their local community and we wish them every success.

  • Press Release: Pico Genie Launches 4 Amazing LED Projectors!


    Pico Genie launch an impressive range of new brighter portable LED projectors with increased brightness, wireless connectivity to Apple/Android and extended battery performance. This new range of mini LED projectors can meet all your needs from gaming to travel, educational, business or personal use! The new range massively differs to anything else on the market and will revolutionise the portable projector / display market!


    New Pico Genie Range April 2016


    FOUR new Pico Genie models will meet the portable projection needs of every business or consumer. Models now offer up to 650 lumens, include Android OS and are packed with every imaginable feature including unique benefits such as a 3 hour battery projecting at 650 lumens which is a world first!


    • Pico Genie M550: The world's first 650 lumen Android projector with battery power for up to 3 hours. The M550 has every feature a consumer could desire
    • Pico Genie P200: Uniquely offers 200 lumens standing out from the crowd with its slick design
    • Pico Genie P85: Breaking the mould, the P85 is a game changer for affordable wireless projection, wirelessly share Android or Apple devices at a great price
    • Pico Genie P55: An entry level product with incredible image quality and connectivity for a staggering low price.

    Ideal for home cinema, gaming, travel, education and more starting. Please take a look at the new range which starts from £149. 

    See the full specifications here: www.picogenie.com


    The full range is available exclusively at Personal Projector!


  • Pico Genie P50 Pro Release

    The Pico Genie P50 Pro LED projector is the new, upgraded version of theworld’s smallest projector at 40 lumens of brightness on BOTH mains and/or battery power with amazing value for money and great connectivity. The Pico Genie P50 Pro now has a contemporary black high-gloss shell which is just 90mm x 75mm wide and 22mm thin, making this matchbox sized projector much smaller than the next smallest Pico Genie projector (Pico Genie P100). Weighing just 160g means you can slip it in your pocket and you won’t even notice you are carrying the ultra connected LED device, but switch it on and you will see the familiar brightness and quality.

    It is amazing to see how such a complex device with so many connection options has been squeezed into such a small device, connection options inclide:HDMI, VGA, USB, SD and AV inputs. Connect the new Pico Genie P50 pro to your smartphone, laptop, tablet,games console and any number of multimedia devices to project up to an impressive 70” diagonal image anywhere you go. Whether you have a Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Nokia, iPhone or any Smartphone with HDMI or video out capability, you can enjoy streaming (and in many cases mirroring) of your entire Smartphone on a very big screen. Alternatively, save content directly to a USB stick and  project without connecting any cables!

    The Pico Genie range has become synonymous with value for money as well as providing the same brightness on battery as it does on mains power so you don’t feel short changed on the brightness front when you are out and about. The Pico Genie P50 pro model is the latest to follow this refreshing trend, offering the full 40 lumens brightness with up to 3.5 hours operation time from the in-built battery, meaning it’s always a good time to project! When you have used all of the battery power, simply plug it in to the mains with the included charger and you can continue projecting, giving you hours of entertainment from your fingertips.

    Overall, if you’re looking for something that’s so portable you don’t even notice it is in your pocket but it still cuts the mustard in terms of performance then whether you’re looking to use this for business or personal use the Pico Genie P50 pro is the perfect companion LED projector. At only £225 (inc vat) it costs less than many of the rival portable projectors and offers one of the best specifications in the smallest package at one of the best prices. It would be the perfect gift and is ideal for sharing photos/videos on the big screen with friends/family or even for small presentations at home or in the office.

    Available from Personal Projector Ltd

  • Press Release: Vivitek Qumi Q7 heading to the UK

    Be bright, be seen in Autumn 2013

    The Vivitek Qumi Q7 Ultra Portable LED HD projector is set to arrive on UK soil this  September 18th and is available first from Personal Projector. This super-thin, lightweight addition to the Qumi range boasts over 800 lumens of brightness, packed into a stunning high gloss body with sleek design.

    Combine style and substance with a 30,000:1 contrast ratio for rich blacks and high definition WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution for an immersive Audio/Visual experience, whether you're presenting in the office for business or enjoying a movie for leisure. There is also a useful 4GB of internal

    Wirelessly project content from your computer or even surf the web with the handy embedded browser, thanks to the optional Wi-Fi dongle. MHL compatibility comes built in, so If you would rather project content from your Android Smartphone or Tablet then just plug in and mirror the screen.

    Present all your Microsoft Office files directly from the device or with a simple USB memory stick and get rid of the need for a PC. Navigate the feature packed Vivitek Qumi Q7 with a familiar touch sensitive control panel or the included remote control to project Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or Adobe PDF files.

    Available for Pre-Order now by clicking here, stock due September 18th 2013

  • Personal Projector Launches New Products at Gadget Show Live, London ExCel 2012

    Gadget Show Live: November 30th - December 2nd 2012
    Stand M21
    Download this press release here 

    Personal Projector will be exhibiting some unique new projectors at Gadget Show Live this November 30th  –December 2nd 2012. Showcasing wireless streaming from Vivitek, 3M and Casio and mirroring of your Smartphone so you never have to have a small display again.

    1. World’s first CD case sized mini LED projector capable of mirroring Smartphone screens at 85 lumens of brightness on both battery and mains power. This is the brightest and smallest HDMI projector on the market. (Pico Genie P100)
    2. World’s brightest & most colourful portable projector (500 lumens) with wireless Streaming, HD resolution, available in 5 trendy colours: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and White. (Vivitek Qumi Q5). Plus the 300 lumen projector from 3M (MP410) almost the size of a matchbox
    3. The launch of a new great value high powered 250 lumen, HD multimedia projector, a built in battery, great connectivity, offering more features for a low price. (Pico Genie M300)

    £1000 prize draw / products from £99 / Huge savings at the show

    • Personal Projector are offering a chance to win a prize draw worth £1000 for the show! Included is the 3M MP410 projector or a Vivitek Qumi Q5 projector.
    • We are offering up to £200 off 3M Mpro 120 & MPro150 projectors, available now from only £99!!
    • Other: Home cinema without bulbs for Casio and Android mini projectors from 3M


    Pico Genie P100: World’s smallest and brightest HDMI & Smartphone pico projector

    • Pico Genie P100 LED projectorDon’t lose power to your mobile when projecting, the P100 charges your phone as it projects!
    • First ultra compact LED projector with 85 lumens of brightness on BOTH mains as well as battery power
    • Connect & mirror screens of almost all Smartphones, iPads, e-tablets and other HDMI compatible devices.
    • brightest and smallest on the market for its size

    Vivitek Qumi Q5: Wireless projector at 500 lumens

    • The Vivitek Qumi Q5 is the world’s brightest ultra portable projector (500 lumens) for its size with a wide range of connection options.
    • Wireless streaming option: Built in web browser, simply connect an optional Wi-Fi dongle to search or connect a Wi-Fi keyboard and it is even easier.
    • Save content on the 4GB of internal memory and project on the go without connection to a PC or mobile device.
    • First LED projector in the world to come in 5 trendy new high gloss colours (red, yellow and blue, or contemporary black and white).

    Pico Genie M300: New, great value HD multimedia projector

    • One of the first palm projectors to offer HD (WXGA) resolution projection at 250 lumens and have a built in battery offering more features for a lower price.
    • Smaller than an eTablet the device easily fits into the palm of your hand to project or into your bag to take on-the-go.
    • Present movies, images +apps to friends or create presentations on the go for work.

    3M MP410: Wireless Streaming, worlds smallest 300 lumen projector

    • Bright, shiny & incredibly tiny - MP410Imagine sitting at home, wirelessly streaming high definition content from a Smartphone, laptop or tablet through this tiny 3M MP410, 300 lumen projector at up to 100” image size.
    • Sure to be a big hit at the show, the MP410 has the ability to wirelessly share content from small screens with high brightness, just what everyone has been waiting for.

    Pico Genie A100 iPhone Projector: 4-in-one Case + Projector + Charger + Speakers (Save £100)

    • Pico Genie A100 as featured in the Sunday MirrorThe Pico Genie A100 is one of those products you see and go “wow” if you own an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4. It is the world’s first iPhone case with built in projector, allowing you to project images and videos into a 60” image making sharing so much easier
    • Also includes Speakers + Durable Case + Battery Charger.

    3M MP220: Android widescreen projector with high brightness & long battery life

    • Android operating system with 2GB onboard memory.
    • 90mins of battery life at full 65 lumens of brightness.
    • Built in MS Office and PDF viewers plus plug & play setup for ease of use.

    3M MPro120 & MPro150: A breakthrough in brightness, quality v price from £99 (Save £200) 

    • The best value projectors on the market, offering features and accessories normally only available on higher priced models. From £99 they are £200 less than 3M’s original RRP
    • Connect to iPads, Smartphones, Laptops, Games consoles or other AV equipment to share videos, images & presentations with sound. Plug & play setup makes it easy for everyone to use this great pass-through device.
    • Find out more: 3M Mpro120 and 3M MPro150

    Casio XJ-A: Portable LED/Laser home cinema solution

    • Perfect for home cinema with HD (WXGA) resolution.
    • Laser/LED means no expensive bulbs to replace with 20,000+ hours of light source life.
    • Up to 3,000 lumens of brightness so you can get a high quality image wherever you are.
    • Wireless streaming capabilities on selected models.

    Find out more at www.personalprojector.co.uk

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