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Tag Archives: Qumi Q6

  • Take Your Art To The Next Level

    Inspiring artists around the world!

    Set your inner artist free with a battery-operated projector in a size to go anywhere.  Artists need never be without their art portfolio or client demos with the inbuilt Android operating systems inside.

    This Article will tell you how you can use a portable projector to create fantastic works of art. If you fancy giving this a go yourself you can see our full range of portable projectors here.

    Projector Art Source Artograph











    The photo on the above left is an example of the kind of accurate drawing layout you can create when projecting a photograph. With a portable projector at your side you can paint or draw directly over the image, trace lines with ease and create your masterpiece. The beauty of the projector being portable is that you can take your art with you anywhere, great for getting the ambience just right.

    Pocket projectors like the Pico Genie M550 Plus have great connectivity such as wireless screen mirroring which allows you to project what you are seeing on your device directly to the projector. Have a great photo that you would like to recreate on your phone? No problems, simply connect your device to the projector and away you go. Of course the portable projectors also come with USB-in and SD card slots too for greater accessibility.

    Another great feature of current portable projectors such as the Pico Genie Polar, Periscope and the Qumi Q38 is that they have Android operating systems built in so that you can store all of your images directly to the device itself, keeping all of your artwork in one place. You can also use the Android OS to download various editing apps allowing you to edit your artwork directly on the projector itself!

    Projectors have changed a lot over the years, portable projectors are now smaller and more powerful than ever, take the Pico Genie M550 Plus as an example, it is one of the most powerful portable projectors with an inbuilt battery boasting 650 Ansi lumens of brightness. A perfect choice for creating art in bright areas such as a conservatory.

    The potentially applications and benefits of using a portable projector as a way to create art is endless. From using to trace, draw or paint directly over projected images you can use the projector to take your artwork to the next level. Grab a portable projector and start creating your own masterpiece, you can find our full range here.

  • T3 Magazine Discover the Magic With An 80" Portable Projector Screen!






    T3 Magazine Lifestyle Editor Duncan Bell this month discussed the Magic he discovered with a portable projector and 80" portable projector screen!


    Using his new projector and 80" screen Duncan explained that "once you get that size, something magical happens: movies become genuinely cinematic. That's why my discovery of the joy of projectors is my tech highlight of the year". We can only agree with Duncan, Projectors really can improve your home entertainment system or business. Watching your favourite movies at home and creating your own personal cinema is truly magical! It will give you that cinema experience right from your sofa!


    Personal Projector Home Cinema Projector


    Size isn't everything! "I don't think the effect is simply down to size; it's something intangible, born from the experience of having images beamed over your shoulder in a stream of flickering light... it's that kind of magic - not novelty, nor expense, nor peer-impressing specs - that can make tech great. It takes activities you enjoy, or once enjoyed, and helps you love them like the first time."  The applications for portable projectors and portable screens are endless, movies, sharing holiday memories, documents, websites, presentations, mirroring your smart device, art projects, training and best of all showing it all absolutely anywhere!

    With the upcoming EURO 2016 Football tournament, Rio 2016 Olympics and Olympics portable projectors could make your summer unforgettable! Get all of your family and friends round and watch on a huge 200" screen!

    Inspired by T3 Lifestyle editor Duncan Bell's magical experience? See our top picks for the perfect home cinema experience:

    1. 80" Mobile Projector Screen
    2. Larger Ceiling and Wall Screens
    3. Pico Genie M550 + 40" Mini Screen Bundle
    4. Pico Genie 40" Mini Desktop Screen
    5. Vivitek Qumi Q6 Portable Projector

    80" Mobile Projector Screen

    80" Portable Projector Screen


    Want to know more about how you can create your own personal cinema? Email us on enquiries@personalprojector.co.uk or call us on 0845 121 8800


    Quotes used from T3 Magazine June 2016. http://www.t3.com/

  • Vivitek release the new Qumi Q6, adding Wi-Fi Connectivity, Style and Colour to its Successful Range of Pocket Projectors








    Vivitek have just revolutionised the pocket projector space, the new Qumi Q6 is the world’s smallest projector with 800 ANSI lumens of brightness and in-built Wi-Fi. The incredibly small housing and multi-colour options mean this is the most unique projector to date. The Wi-Fi connection enables wireless content sharing from Android and iOS devices which makes the Qumi Q6 one of a kind in terms of connectivity. Vivitek also offer a huge 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. The biggest advantage of the Vivitek Qumi Q6 is its massively improved connectivity, the Q6 features built-in Wi-Fi for cable-free projection allowing it to deliver uncompressed HD digital content. Transmitted smoothly by using EZCast Pro application.

    Vivitek Qumi Q6

    The Vivitek Qumi Q6 comes in a variety of contemporary high-gloss colour’s which are just 16 x 10.24 x 3.4cm (LxWxH), making this a tiny solution for all your projection needs. Weighing just 475g the Q6 can slip in your bag and you won’t even notice you are carrying it. Similar to its siblings (Q4, Q5, Q7 Plus) the Qumi Q6 has an impressive LED lamp life of 30,000 hours meaning you can present for 8 hours a day for over 10 years, something standard lamp projectors cannot match.

    Perfect for business and professional use, the Q6 has built-in MS Office® and Adobe™ PDF document viewers so content can be presented directly from the unit, this can be via USB or its handy 2.5GB onboard storage. Along with its unrivalled connection options, the Q6 is compatible with Vivitek’s very own intuitive mobile remote control app (Android™/iOS), enabling convenient control of the projector’s functions and features. Additionally up to four devices can simultaneous display separate content (Selected materials only) onto one large side-by-side projection (4-to-1 split screen) (Requires EzCast Pro App).

    Q6 Back

    Comparing Vivitek Qumi Models (Q4, Q5, Q6, Q7 Plus):


    Model  Resolution  Brightness
    [ANSI lumen]
     Contrast Ratio  Throw Ratio Lamp Life (Dynamic) Eco/Normal Noise Eco/Normal        Weight [kg]  Network  Digital Inputs 3D  Warranty
    Qumi Q4 WXGA (HD720p) 500 lm 10,000:1 1.55:1 30,000h 28dB / 32dB 0.5 kg - HDMI N/A 2-year
    Qumi Q5 WXGA (HD720p) 500 lm 30,000:1 1.55:1 30,000h 28dB / 36dB 0.5 kg Optional HDMI DLP-Link 3-year
    Qumi Q6 WXGA (HD720p) 800 lm 30,000:1 1.55:1 30,000h 30dB / 34dB 0.5 kg Built-in WiFi HDMI DLP-Link 3-year
    Qumi Q7-Plus WXGA (HD720p) 1000 lm 30,000:1 1.3-1.43:1 30,000h 33dB / 38dB 1.4 kg Optional HDMI HDMI 3D 3-year


    See the full list of features here:

      • Native WXGA resolution with high definition 720p compatibility
      • Wi-Fi connection enables wireless content sharing from Android and iOS devices.
      • Up to 800 ANSI lumens of brightness with a 30,000:1 contrast ratio
      • Project a large and wide screen image up to 2.3m (90”) in diameter
      • LED light source with up to 30,000 hours of operation
      • Weighs just 475 grams and is 3.4cm thick
      • Stream and project documents, photos, movies and other content with the integrated wireless system
      • MHL device compatibility for streaming of video and audio content from a compatible mobile device
      • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty
      • Built-in MS Office® and Adobe™ PDF document viewer
      • Display content directly from a USB flash drive or from the on board memory
      • Advanced display connectivity including: HDMI, USB, and internal Wi-Fi
      • Up to four devices can simultaneous display separate content (Selected materials only) onto one large side-by-side projection (4-to-1 split screen) (Requires EzCast Pro App)
      • 3D-compatibility via DLP® Link™, for dazzling and realistic life-like images
      • Built-in 2 watt audio speaker with multiple audio ports for easy connection to other audio devices
      • Touch-sensitive keypad with illuminated backlit controls
      • Intuitive mobile remote control app (Android™/iOS) for convenient control of the projector’s functions and features
      • 7 exciting colours including: black, white, light blue, red, orange, gold, charcoal grey


    We are currently the only retailer of the Q6, purchase your unit here now! 


    Qumi Q6 Review:



    Qumi Q6 Unboxing Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpQYDIQFLwo

    Need your Vivitek to be completely wire free? See the Vivitek Portable Battery which can power your projector for up to 3 hours.

    Qumi Battery

    Don’t have a suitable wall to project on? See our Portable Desktop Screens available in a range of different sizes.

    Want a projector with battery and Wi-Fi built in? See the Pico Genie M400 Pro here.


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