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  • Acer 4k Home Cinema Range Review

    Acer 4k Home Cinema Range Review

    Acer now has a full range of 4K Projectors offering a comprehensive range of 4k options, so now it’s time to see how they perform. We have broken down the key features of each projector for this Acer 4K Home Cinema review, with an at-a-glance table and all the latest 4k terms explained.

    At-a-glance comparison table of Acer 4k Projectors:

    Acer M550 Acer H7850 Acer V7850 Acer V9800
    RP £1,999.99 £2,299.99 £2,699.99 £3,950.99
    Rank Entry Mid High Pro
    Key Feature 1 2900lms 3000lms 2200lms 2000lms
    Key Feature 2 Rec. 2020 Compatible Rec. 2020 Compatible Rec. 2020 Compatible Rec. 2020 Compatible
    Key Feature 3 Rec. 709 Compatible Rec. 709 Compatible
    Key Feature 4 HDR Compatible HDR Compatible HDR Compatible HDR Compatible
    Key Feature 5 Vertical lens shift Vertical lens shift Vertical lens shift Horizontal / Vertical lens shift
    Colour wheel Standard Standard RGBRGB RGBRGB


    Key Comparisons

    The Acer M550 projector is an excellent entry level 4k choice, only 100 lumens behind its mid range cousin the Acer H7850 which also offers an affordable cinematic experience. Both offer vertical lens shift for improved adjustability.

    The Acer V7850 is what many consider the colour purist model due to its RGBRGB colour wheel. If you want life-like immersion, the fantastic colour reproductions of the V7850 are award winning. The V7850 has won awards in the press with Home Cinema Choice and T3, proving itself a market leader in the 4k projector high end range.

    At the Pro level the Acer V9800 produces similarly stunning visuals to the H7850 but has more image positioning options, allowing for more precisely adjusted home cinema. Uniquely this model also is one of the projectors to offer the rare horizontal lens shift as well as vertical lens shift so you can place the projector on the ceiling or in the corner of the room with little or no skewing of the image horizontally or vertically.

    Some key technologies explained:

    4K UHD

    The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) definition of 4K Ultra HD (UHD, 3,840 x 2,160) states the display resolution must have at least 8 million active pixels. Acer4K Ultra HD resolution with TI XPR technology serves more than 8.3 million on-screen pixels —four times more of a Full HD. All details come alive.

    HDR compatible

    HDR (High dynamic range) is a technique to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity. It preserves details in the darkest & brightest areas, and presents a similar range of luminance that the colour is close to how we see in real life. The expanded contrast & wider range of brightness produces true-to-life colour. Image comes to life with HDR compatible.

     Rec. 2020 compatible

    Rec. 2020, also known as BT. 2020, is the recommendation for UHDTV defined by International Telecommunications Union (ITU). With Rec. 2020 compatible, projector is able to read and translate rec. 2020 language into rec. 709 for superior colour reproduction.

    Rec. 709

    Rec. 709 is a standard of HDTV. It is also the colour standard that movie direct or adopted for post-production. Thanks to the inclusion of Rec 709, Acer’s projector is able to reproduce faithfully the original colours and tones to give viewers an authentic movie-watching experience. Recreate colours exactly as they’ve been imagined by the director.

    HDCP 2.2

    HDCP 2.2 is the specification required for HDMI ports to play full 4K video. If your HDMI port is older than V2 then you will need to check how well 4K video displays depending on your HDMI version. All the Acer projectors above have one HDMI 2.0 port which is HDCP 2.2 enabled for your 4K content.

    The Verdict

    There is now something for everyone in the Acer 4k home cinema range whether you are on a budget or looking for the best contrast ratio/features money can buy.

    The award winning V7850 is also a great high end choice at a good price whilst the entry level Acer M550 and the H7850 models offer amazing value for a 4k projector.

  • Pico Genie P50 - how the BETT show 2014 winner uses his

    This year at BETT, Personal Projector offered a special prize draw to win a new projector. Robert Duffy from Hythe House education was the lucky winner and has recently received his very own new Pico Genie P50 mini projector.

    Robert has taken some time out of his busy schedule to share with us all how his new pico projector is used at school:

    "I was the lucky winner of the Pico Genie mini projector whilst attending the BETT show. I have used the usual ceiling mounted large projectors and was interested to see how these little projectors compete. I have to admit I was a little optimistic but upon my initial usage of this LED projector my first impressions are impressive.

    Obviously the size is the greatest feature, you can carry this anywhere and it is easily set up in any area. The projected image was actually fairly large and this again surprised me, an internal battery also features and this is rechargeable which again makes the ease of use second to none. An onboard speaker is also present and I thought this would be a very low level volume but again was surprised by its volume. The number of devices you can attach is superb with all cables present in the kit (except apple) and a smart credit card sized remote controller is also provided.

    The students in our school will benefit greatly from this and teaching staff now have the freedom to take this technology literally anywhere.As an entry level mini projector this works very well, and I for one have been impressed with what these small projectors are capable of.

    For the cost, size and quality I have been converted to these much smaller projectors and will in the future look to upgrade from this entry level projector to one of the better, but still excellently priced models.

    In a nutshell.......Whoever said size matters is very wrong !!!!!!!!"

    For more information on Pico Genie projectors and how they can be used in school, at work or at home, just take a look at our product pages, videos and blogs

  • Pico Genie P100 features in T3 Magazine for Xmas 2012

    Under The Radar

    Offbeat tech niche-fillers band together to proclaim their "specialness"

    Pico Genie P100: CD Case sized LED projector turns your smartphone into a 480p cinema via the magic of HDMI. £250. personalprojector.co.uk

    Pico Genie P100 LED projector

  • Review and comparison of Optoma PK301, PK301+ (new) and PK320

    Optoma recently launched the new Optoma PK301+ projector to replace the now end of line Optoma PK301. This new model is very similar to the much higher priced pocket projector from Optoma, the PK320. The new Optoma PK301+ Plus, is not only a fraction of the price of the Optoma PK320 but it has almost all the same benefits.

    New Features Optoma PK301+

    The Optoma PK301+ is based on the original Optoma PK301 but with key differences

    • Brighter – 100 Lumens, widescreen images up to 150” (381cm)
    • Better contrast - for sharper, clearer images
    • Great price

    Features inherited from the Optoma PK301

    • Superior color performance and image quality (vs. LCOS)
    • Compact, stylish, light design allows you to move it anywhere with ease
    • USB file transfer/charging from PC/ Notebook computer
    • Project from a variety of devices – connect via HDMI, VGA and AV inputs
    • Connection to external speakers or headphones
    • Expandable memory up to 32GB to store a wide range of multimedia files
    • Use with Apple devices – Apple iPad®, iPod®, iPhone® and phone compatible
    • Battery life up to 1.5 hrs
    • Lamp life for 20,000 hours
    • Full review and more info click here: Optoma PK301+ spec
    • Product page available here

    Alternatively, if you want improved connectivity and even higher resolution (XGA instead of WVGA) with 100 lumens of brightness you may wish to consider the LumaFire M200 palm sized projector which has a host of in-the-box accessories (also available as a bundle) and

    Why not bundle your new LED projector with an external battery back from Energizer which works with all our LED projectors providing battery powered projection without sacrificing excellent image quality or reducing the number of lumens when on battery power, to give you valuable extra projection time. It can also power your other electronic gadgets at the same time while on the go.

    Optoma PK301+ comparison table





    Aspect Ratio









    854 x 480 (WVGA)

    854 x 480 (WVGA)

    854 x 480 (WVGA)

    Contrast Ratio




    Battery Life (Hrs)
















    USB (upgrade/file transfer)




    Internal Memory




    Card Slot








    Audio Out




    Native Office Viewer

    Using Arcsoft

    PowerPoint only

    Using Arcsoft

    PowerPoint only


    PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Adobe

    OSD support

    GB, FR, ES, DE, PT, TR

    GB, FR, ES, DE, PT, TR

    GB, FR, ES, PT, DE, IT,

    RU, PL, DK, SE, GR


  • The Top LED portable/pocket projectors for business or personal use are....

    This article is now out of date, for the updated version please follow the link to our review of the best performing portable projectors for 2017.


    If you’re looking for the best LED portable projector to fit your specific requirements, there are a whole host of factors to take into consideration ranging from resolution, birghtness (lumens) and features such as DLP (contrast enhancements) and features such as connectivity to ipads, HDMI and the ability to connect without a laptop.

    We've broken down the list of projectors into 2 categories: Business Use and Consumer Use and the business use ones considerably overalap with consumer use and most are also good for gaming purpososes with connectivity via HDMI, VGA or AV.

    Top for Personal use:

    Vivitek Qumi Q2

    Our smallest, lightest and brightest hybrid between pocket & palm projector is the best projector we have seen to date on the market with 300 lumens, WXGA resolution and a 90” image means it can handle anything you want to display in rich colour with DLP. Its the one to beat across all categories.

    Lumafire M200

    One of the newer models popular with busines users in the recession is the LumaFire M200 palm projector which offers excellent value for money. It is feature packed with a remote & tripod, offers 100 lumens of brightness has HDMI/USB/SD compatibility and yet remains remarkably small & light and extensive connectivity.

    3M MP180

    3M offer a robust gadget for those concerned with features. 4GB of onboard memory, a cool touch screen with Microsoft office, 2 hour battery, WiFi & Bluetooth. The ‘office’ compatibility and battery power make this a perfect choice for the business user on the go.

    Adapt 305/ iGo UP2020

    These 2 pocket projectors offer great value for money and connectivity all in one with a good image quality. The Adapt 305 comes with everything you need to go and play right out of the box. i.e. Free Apple cable, 4GB memory, tripod & remote. The iGo is smaller albeit not quite as bright but it includes multiple connection options including HDMI and also offers higher contrast via DLP playback for richer colour, It also won an award at this years Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for design. In fact, the igo UP2020 is a hot-buy for Xmas 2011!

    Microvision SHOWWX/SHOWWX+

    Welcome to the world's first 'infinite focus' laser pocket projector; it's smaller and lighter than an iPhone with a mammoth 5000:1 contrast ratio that beats all others in its class. Included in the package is a set of Apple cables to connect to your iPhone4/iPad2 meaning you can connect to any device with a Composite TV/Video-Out to create a rich screen up to 100". There is also a VGA dock accessory for this device to connect to a laptop. Great for gaming.

    Top for professional use:

    Casio (Pro-portable range)

    The Casio range of projectors offer the best equivalent image of a tradional projector in a form that will easily fit into a laptop carry case. If you’re looking for something that will offer a more professional output with quality build then a Casio XJA projector is ideal. High brightness ratings starting at 2000 lumens, combined with high contrast ratios mean that you can present in most lighting conditions. It also offer streaming capabilities from your laptop.

    Vivitek Qumi Q2

    Our smallest, Lightest & Brightest hybrid between pocket & palm will offer you the professional output you need whilst still fitting into your overcoat pocket. WXGA resolution, a 90” screen with DLP technology will promote your presentations in rich detail and can handle video demonstrations too. 300 lumens of brightness mean that you are able to project in normal lighting conditions and maintain portability. It has a powerpoint, excel, word and pdf viewer built in too so you can leave your laptop at home and just travel with the projector.

    Lumafire M200

    See above.
    Lumafire offer a hybrid all rounder perfect for business, personal use and travel and great value for money.

    3M MP180

    See above.
    2 hour battery life at full brightness & and 80” screen mean that you can display presentations on the go.

  • Taking a look at the new Nikon projector camera

    Nikon are due to release the replacement for the S1000pj. But what do we think?

    The Nikon S1000pj was meant to be a revolution, you could take photographs and then project them onto the nearest surface to show off to your adoring fans. However, it didn't sell as well as they had hoped, and there was rumours that they had been dropped by at least one major retailer.

    Now Nikon are planning on releasing a second generation projector camera, which supposedly, can also function as a conventional external projector. The camera itself contains 12 megapixels, and 5x wide angled zoom, but the projector only packs 10 lumens of brightness.

    Quality over quantity?

    There is a risk when trying to pack too many features into one product that you can loose the quality of those features. Unfortunately, when it comes to this specific camera, it seems to be the projector that is compromised. If you have spent time getting your pictures right, you want the projector to show them in their best light (if you will excuse the pun).

    Project anywhere, just not there.

    As with any projector, you have to be selective when it comes to where you project your images. So let's think for a moment where you would want to project when you have the Nikon camera. Outside on your walk? At a party? With only 10 lumens, the amount of places available to you to project becomes limited.

    So what do we think?

    We think it is a great idea, but, we think we'll wait until the projector has more lumens and a better picture.

    In the mean time, we will continue to show off our lovely pictures using our mini LED projectors. They can connect via SD card slot, USB or even via cable to a computer, or iPhone.

    This post was written by Katie. Want to talk to her? Do it here

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