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  • Firmware upgrade for ViewSonic PLED-W500

    PLED-W500 has benefited from a firmware upgrade which enables Wi-Fi capability (PC, tablet, smart phone) when used in conjunction with the WPD-100 Wi-Fi dongle.

    The firmware upgrade is included as standard on all models shipped after January 2012 (all PLED-W500’s manufactured with a serial number beginning SL11201).
    All PLED-W500’s manufactured in 2011 will need to have the firmware upgrade applied in order to enable Wi-Fi capability.

    Wi-Fi capability is also possible on Apple and Blackberry platforms and the set-up instructions will be similar although slightly different.

    For a guide on how to upgrade your ViewSonic PLED-W500's firmware to enable Wi-Fi, please click here for more details

    To carry out the Firmware upgrade from PC please click here for more details

  • Glossary (Updated)

    Not everyone knows as much about projectors as we do - after all, we are experts. That’s why we’ve put together this quick glossary. Once you are confident with the lingo, you can visit our guide to buying a projector and the comparison guide of our most popular products.

    Seen a word and don’t know what it means? contact us and we will add it to the list for you.

    Pico Projector - Pico Projectors are minitaturised projectors which use LED technology instead of traditional and expensive lamps. Also known as the pocket projector and micro projector, the pico projector is a highly portable and lightweight gadget perfect for business and leisure use, projecting media by connecting to other devices (laptop...smartphone...ipad etc) or acting standalone from storage (SD...USB...onboard memory etc). We have a great range of pico projectors and accessories. We also sell a range of portable Palm Projectors (slightly larger) and Portable Pro Projectors.

    Composite Cable – A cable which allows you to connect your Personal Projector to any video outsource (e.g DVD, TV, Games Console). All our Projectors come with one.

    Keystone Correction – When an image is projected onto an angled surface, ‘Keystone Correction’ adjusts the image so that it is not distorted, appearing square as it should. Our Casio range and the BenQ Palm Projector feature Keystone Correction.

    LED - Light Emitting Diode. They are tiny lights that replace bulbs, they last longer and are brighter.

    Lumens - These measure the brightness of the projectors LED’s. The higher the number of lumens the brighter the projector. The Adapt 305 is the world’s brightest pocket projector.

    SD Card – An ‘SD’ (Secure Digital) Card is a small portable memory card, used for storing data. An SD Card can be used in all our Adapt Projectors.

    USB – ‘USB’ (Universal Serial Bus) is a type of connection. A USB flash drive/’stick’ can store data. An advantage of the Pico Genie M300 is that it is compatible with USB flash drives.

    VGA Cable - (Video Graphics Array) is a type of connection. A standard VGA port has 15 holes over 3 rows inside a trapezium shape and is often a blue colour. Many mobile devices and some laptops will use mini-vga. There are adapters available to allow you to connect a device without a VGA port to a VGA device, for example: HDMI to VGA, DVI to VGA, and VGA to SCART adapters.

    HDMI - (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a type of connection that carries high-definition video (and usually audio) from your device to the projector. HDMI ports are common in most new electronic devices, from Laptops, TV's, DVD players even memory sticks and WiFi dongles. A lot of mobile devices like smartphones will use a mini-HDMI port.

    iPhone / iPad projector - Projectors for iPhone and iPad come in all shapes and sizes, almost all projectors on www.personalprojector.co.uk can be connected to your beloved Smartphone and tablet to provide a big image from a tiny device.
    Good news if you're one of the millions of Apple users out there! The Pico Genie A100 is the original sleeve for your iPhone 4/4s that provides a 4-in-1 system with a Projector + Battery + Speaker + Case

    MHL Adapter / Android projector - You can connect your Android device to almost all projectors at Personal projector Ltd that have a HDMI input port, as long as you have an MHL adapter and your device has video out capabilities. Simply purchase the correct MHL cable for your device and connect it to a HDMI cable then plug it into the HDMI port on the projector. If you plan to connect to a smartphone via MHL cable, we recomend you check the list of MHL compatible mobile phones before purchase by clicking here

    If you still need some guidance, you can contact us or phone +44 (0)845 121 8800

  • Adapt 305 T3 Pico Projector Review: Overall Winner

    Adapt 305 with VGA and micro SD card


    The new Adapt 305 pocket projector is due for release 30th October.

    T3 magazine recently voted this the best pocket projector on the market (overall winner). This new projector is revolutionary in terms of brightness, storage, video formats and connectivity and will be exclusively available at Personal Projector.

    Up unitl now if you wanted to purchase a pocket project you had to choose between either a projector with a pass through connnection to a laptop (like a traditional projector such as the 3M) OR choose a stand alone projector which had onboard memory/SD card (such as the Aiptek)...well now you can have both in the Adapt 305. Continue reading

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