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Tag Archives: Short Throw

  • Philips Screeneo 2.0 Alternative Projectors

    Philips' Screeneo 2.0 is out of stock across UK & Europe due to 2 collapses of the company that held the license for this product.  As of September 2018 there are no active UK distributors of Screeneo so if you are looking for some good alternatives here are some options!

    The Vivitek DH765Z-UST laser projector with zero bulb replacements / maintenance and the stunning Benq W1600UST home cinema projector. Also watch out for an increase in fake chinese products where the descriptions and lumens are ludicrously exaggerated by over 10 times such as the Wemax One by Xiaomi.

    Vivitek DH765Z-UST

    The Vivitek DH765Z-UST is one of the closest alternatives to the Philips Screeneo 2 but works better for those wanting a much brighter image in a normally lit room. The Vivitek projector has 4000 lumens so is double the 2000 lumens of brightness on the Screeneo which is a major benefit if you want to use it in your lounge to replace your normal TV and not have to draw the curtains.

    Vivitek DH765Z Ultra Short Throw High Brightness Laser Projector


    The other advantage of the Vivitek DH765Z is that its a laser projector with no lamp so it means you will not incur expensive bulb cost replacements with over 30,000 hour "lamp" life instead of just 6,000 hr lamp life. So although the Vivitek DH765Z-UST is more expensive than the Screeneo 2 HDP2510 there will be significantly lower running costs on the Vivitek laser projector which makes up for the added extra cost.

    The Vivitek is also ultra short throw and as you can see in the image you can put this right up against the wall and project an absolutely huge image 3 or 4 times the size of your TV.

    Whilst its speaker system is only 10 watt speakers compared to the Screeneo's 26w you can of course connect an external audio system too. The smaller speakers also has the added benefit of making the Vivitek projector smaller and lighter taking up less space.

    The Vivitel DH765Z-UST was not originally designed for home cinema enthusiasts,  so without those high contrast ratios and deep blacks it may not sport the exact same image quality as the Screeneo. Also without AcuMotion, or frame interpolation technology, sports and high speed scenes may be harder to view. However, the Vivitek projector will be well suited to those wanting a brighter ultra short throw image with lower running costs in a smaller unit than the Screeneo 2. You won't find a maintenance free projector at a staggering 4000 lumens anywhere else without paying upwards of £10,000!

    BenQ W1600UST ultra short throw home cinema projector

    Place this stylish projector just inches from the wall and you'll get the  full HD 1080p cinematic experience without any installation costs! The BenQ W1600UST also offers a staggering 3300 ansi lumens of brightness so you can keep that quality crisp and bright in every home lighting environment.

    Acer V7500, 2500 Lumen Full HD/3D Home Cinema Projector


    The award-winning Acer V7500 is near the top of the tree this Christmas! Boasting an incredible 2500 Lumen lightshow to back up its revolutionary software and sophisticated colour technology, it's no surprise it comes recommended by Home Cinema Choice magazine.

    Inside its trendy white exterior is a range of seriously impressive features, including an Ambient Light Sensor to automatically adjust the image to suit the brightness of your surroundings, 4 Corner keystone correction and RGBRGB colour wheel for vivid colours. It also boasts a whopping 20,000:1 contrast ratio, meaning its picture quality is hard to beat, whether you're watching a film in a darkened room or sport on a bright Saturday afternoon. It isn't short throw, but it does have a massive max image size of 300", over twice the size of the Screeneo for less than half the cost! If you wanted a Screeneo for home cinema or sport, the V7500 has you covered!

    Acer H6517ST, 3000 Lumen Short Throw Full HD/3D DLP Projector


    A mighty short throw projector that can project a huge screen just a metre from your projection surface, the H6517ST might not be the most snappily-titled projector, but it's ideal for cinema, gaming and more!

    At 3000 Lumens, it can project a crystal clear image in even bright sunlight, meaning you can get Full HD in a billion colours and flicker-free 3D at 300 inches diagonally. It has a range of automatic and manual image adjustment controls so it's a doddle to set up and get that big-screen feeling from the comfort of your living room. If you're looking for a projector that can produce a massive, clear image even in the most cramped Christmas living room, you might want to put the H6517ST on your Christmas list.

    Acer H7550ST, 3000 Lumen Short Throw Full HD/3D Projector


    Packing a heavyweight punch in a lightweight frame, the H7550ST is a short throw projector with the power to turn your front room into a multiplex cinema, even when it's less than a metre away from your projection surface.

    Boasting a full range of flexible wired and wireless functionality to help you connect to any audio or visual device, the H7550ST backs up its crystal clear image projected by a 3000 Lumen lamp with an onboard 10W speaker, meaning you don't even need an external speaker to get that cinematic sound experience. Whether it's gaming, sport, cinema or a TV binge you want, the H7550ST can give you a huge screen and booming sound even if you don't have a lot of space to project in.

    Acer S1283Hne, 3100 Lumens Ultra Short Throw DLP Projector

    This Ultra Short throw DLP projector can project a 79 inch image onto a wall at only 1m away. With this capability you can have a large cinema experience without sacrificing on space or installation.

    Your Acer S1283Whne projector doesn't have to mounted or suspended from the ceiling behind your sofa to produce a large image, that table usually reserved for the TV can function as the ideal stand for this ultra short throw projector.


    Use our handy comparison sheet to view all the acer short throw projectors side-by-side - just click HERE.

    Alternatively, if you're thinking of upgrading to an Ultra High Definition 4K Home Cinema then check out our review of Acer's 4K projectors here.

    Ultra Short Throw (UST) Update (September 2018). There has been a growth in the ultra short throw market with many customers trying to find a home cinema product with very high lumens that can be put 6 inches away from the wall to provide a 100" screen. This has meant a surge in resellers and chinese suppliers claiming their products are ultra short throw and high brightness when often they are not even short throw nevermind ultra short throw and the brightness claims are ludicrous.

    Examples of fake ultra short throw projector descriptions include Wemax one by Xiaomi claiming a whopping lie of 7000 ansi lumens for only £1500. The give away that Wemax One by Xiaomi is a FAKE product is firstly the price point is way too low, especially for a laser projector. For example by comparison a 5000 lumen projector by Casio is almost £6000 so a genuine 7000  ansi lumen model would be a significantly higher price if it were genuine. The actual brightness of the Wemax One by Xiaomi projector could be as low as 1000 to 1500 ansi lumens but is expensive for its brightness levels simply because laser components are much more expensive than their LED counterparts

    Secondly, the giveaway that Wemax One is a fake description is when you see actual video footage of it at 7000 lumens the Wemax should be jumping off the walls in broad daylight with brightness when in ultra short throw but its a dull image as can be seen below. The (fake) brighter images displayed are always stills that are photoshopped so always try and look for a video of the product (often on the product pages themselves under the still images).

    Wemax One Claiming 7000 Ansi Lumens Laser VERSUS a Vivitek DW763Z Laser 4000 lumen UST

    On paper, the Vivitek (2nd image) is stated at almost half the brightness at 4000 lumens of the Wemax One (7000 lumens) yet these images below showing both projectors in action (not photoshopped) show the Wemax is a fraction of the actual brightness of the Vivitek DW763Z-ust yet Wemax claims to be almost twice the brightness of the Vivitek projector. The Benq W1600UST is also worth looking at for a genuine low cost high brightness (3,300 ansi lumen) UST projector.

     Vivitek DH765Z Ultra Short Throw High Brightness Laser Projector

    If you are unsure if the product you want to buy is right for you or you need free advice please contact us via Email, Live Chat or Phone +44 (0)1924 589 589

  • Elmo BOXi T-350, Reviewed

    The ELMO BOXi T-350 projector has been gathering reviews from some big names in publishing, below are a few examples:

    Digital Hippos: "The ELMO BOXi-T350 is one of the most impressive pieces of technology I have had the honor of testing. The design is sleek, solid and the picture is bright, defined and absolutely gorgeous. If you are seeking a portable but versatile projector, this is it." - See more here

    Expert Reviews: "The BOXi-T350’s native 1,280x800 resolution looked sharp, and its short throw range meant we didn’t have to place it very far away from the wall to get a large picture." See the full review here

    Computer Shopper's verdict is that the T-350 is“good personal projector” and is“ powerful enough to cope with a brightly lit room”. Katharine who reviewed the projector thinks that “this is good projector to use during presentations so you don’t have to plunge the room into darkness”. 

    James Smythe gave the projector an overall Mighty Gadget scoring of 70% out of 100, commenting that it’s "one of the more affordable palm projectors on the market" with"excellent’ image/colours so ‘great for gaming and presentations". Read more and view James' images here

  • Save additional £35 on short-throw projection

    The Elmo Boxi MP350 LED projector offers an amazing list of features crafted into a tiny, lightweight body that still fits into the palm of your hand.

    Unique Features:

    • In-built wireless connection to laptops, etablet, smartphones and more straight out of the box without needing to purchase any extra dongles
    • QBiC Play enables mirroring your PC or Mac screen wirelessly AND share up to 4 PCs at the same time!
    • Project a 50" image with only a 1 meter throw distance, giving you great flexibility for home theatre or presentations

    Save an additional £35 off our original price of £510 which was already the lowest available, now just £475! (Whilst stock lasts)

    See the full product page by clicking here:

  • In Review: Elmo BOXi MP350 Mini LED Projector

    Personal Projector Ltd recently attended the Gadget Show Live 2013 Easter exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC area to showcase some unique new LED projectors, ranging from Pico (pocket) to home theatre. As part of the show we offered our visitors / followers / tweeters the chance to win a brand new, wireless, short-throw Elmo BOXi MP-350 projector or a Pico Genie A100 iPod / iPhone projector case with battery and speaker. After a record number of entrants we were happy to reveal the lucky winner of the Elmo Boxi MP350 as Lavinia Pavis . Here is Lavinia's review and feedback on the Elmo Boxi MP350 mini projector:-

    Elmo BOXi MP350 Wireless, Short-Throw LED Projector Review

    "It was fantastic to receive a phone call telling me that I had won the Elmo Projector from the Gadget Show.
    As I run an Event Management Business, I decided to trial it out for the first time at a recent Ryley Wealth Management Telegraph Seminar at Norwood Park organised and hosted by Sapphire Events.
    I loved the compact size of the projector, I could not believe how small it was.
    It is so easy to transport and doesn't look bulky as the standard projectors on the market which makes for a great portable, hand held projector."
                           Lavinia pavis - Sapphire Events Ltd, Winner Gadget Show Live Competition

    The case (included) can be set up to be used as a stand to provide an inclined angle for projecting up at a screen/ the wall. However, after speaking to Lavinia, we agree that if you are thinking of setting up a portable presentation for business or education, we recommend investing in a mini projector tripod. A tripod or mount will screw into the thread underneath to give you extra flexibility when projecting at an angle, then you can simply correct any distortion with the inbuilt keystone correction capability (+/- 40 degrees).

    Winner Lavinia Pavis pictured about with the Elmo Boxi MP-350 projector at a recent Telegraph seminar

    Winner Lavinia pictured above with the Elmo Boxi MP350 in action at a Telegraph seminar


  • NEW: Ultra-Portable, Short-Throw Home Theatre Projector with Integrated Wi-Fi

    Elmo have released their new ultra-portable home theatre projector, the MP350, offering HD (720p) projection from a short-throw lens that gives a 50" (diagonal) image from just 1 meter away without expensive set up.

    At 300 lumens of  brightness you can project content anywhere you are and with their unique new Qbic software you can share up to 4 PC or MAC screens wirelessly at the same time!

    Integrated wireless capability also allows you to connect to portable Apple and Android devices to project out pictures and videos already stored on the devices without having to purchase any extra Wi-Fi dongles or accessories that you might traditionally have to buy as extras.

    View the new demonstration video on YouTube here: Elmo BOXi MP350 Short Throw Home Theatre Projector

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