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Tag Archives: Sports projector

  • Sports projectors: T3's choices and the Best Alternatives

    If you're looking for the true big screen stadium feeling then there's no better entertainment system than a projector. All encompassing 100" visuals and vibrant colours are easily achievable, but which models should be looking for?

    T3 magazine's latest State Of The Art feature brings three projectors onto the pitch for a hat-trick of easy installation, great visuals and good value for money. We will go a step further and provide some super-sub alternatives eager to get off the bench.

    Optoma HD39Darbee Projector

    With plenty of easy to use buttons and wheels the Optoma HD39Darbee was T3's most usable with "winning selection of image presets" and "generous amount of vertical lens shift". So it's easy to set up.

    It also boasts Darbee processing power meaning it can handle fast motion on the "Hi-Def setting, team colours positively zing". Ideal for sports and gaming the Optoma HD39Darbee was crowned the winner of the three way contest- securing a 5 star Rating and a T3 Platinum award.


    Epson EH-LS100 Ultra Short Throw projector

    With a massive 4000 lumens T3 remarked the Epson had "class leading brightness" but also thought it was let down by its hefty 11kg weight and huge size. With Ultra Short throw you can get 100" images from mere centimetres from your target surface but if you'd rather not have this coffee table sized unit take centre stage then a traditional approach might be better.


    BenQ W1050 Home cinema Projector

    T3 felt the BenQ W1050 scored well on the value for money round, saying it fell into the "budget category but this model comes last in the test due it being noisy on full brightness and the supplied remote is awkward to use so other entry level alternatives may be more sought after.


    Our top alternative sports projectors: The Super Subs

    Acer W1600 Projector

    Ultra short projection means you can literally plonk a projector on any table and put it directly against the wall to project a cinema sized image. It has many advantages not least of which it means there is no trailing wires, electric cables to the ceiling and installing projector mounts, but it also means nobody can walk in front of the device.

    The styling is excellent with powerful inbuilt 10 watt speakers and the brightness is a huge 3,300 ansi lumens which is easily enough to view in daylight conditions. It handles fast moving images well too providing full HD.

    Acer P1502 Projector

    Everyone wants full HD but for under £600 you don't often get true native 1080p resolution, so to get that crisp HD image with a whopping 3400 ANSI lumens of brightness is a great deal. For £550 the Acer P10502 projector offers a full HD, bright and sharp image with colorboost technology for a massive 20,000:1 active contrast ratio. High end spec, entry level pricing.


    Casio XJ-L8300HN 4K DLP Projector

    The one thing the above projectors still lack though is the combination of everything in one box.  Imagine a combination of high brightness projection, ideal for even a bright room, coupled with ultra high definition 4k HDR and fast moving sports images. If you mix that with the added advantages of LED laser projection and zero maintenance with 30000 hour lamp life then the Casio XJ-L8300HN is the perfect alternative to the Epson, BenQ and Optoma offerings albeit in a larger size than the Benq.

    So if you want true-to-life visuals and you've got space to spare then the Casio XJ-L8300HN 4K DLP Projector is the ultimate in big screen entertainment. Able to operate at 60fps the Casio is ideal for fluid sports and with the stunning 4K resolution at 5000 Ansi lumens you're getting vividly realistic colours to bring the big game to your living room.


    Sourced from T3 magazine Article: State of the Art, Issue 282, 16/05/18

  • Should I Buy a Projector to Watch the World Cup?

    The World Cup 2018 is near and if you'd rather not trek to Russia for the real life experience, we can help you get that stadium feeling at home, with a portable projector. In short, a projector can give you the all-consuming, eye-popping, heart-pounding experience of being at the biggest tournament in the world. You can watch in glorious detail as 32 teams battle it out across Russia and England valiantly struggle to prove we are any good at football.

    So why not just choose a TV?

    A TV just can't compete with the all-consuming 200" visuals of a projector without spending a fortune, if you truly want the best experience for your money it has to be a projector. The massive screen sizes on offer are ideal for entertaining and creating a spectacle, so stop huddling around your small TV screen and upgrade to the size you actually want.

    I don't know what to look for in buying a Projector or Screen...

    Avoid the minefield and check out our buyers guide.

    Some projectors of course do come with some set up involved but its usually very simple and we can guide you through the process with no hassle.

    Whatever sizes you need on screens we can supply them all, we can provide any size you require, made to measure. Whether you're after entry or premium, fixed frame or tab tensioned, manual or electric we can help you choose it, buy it and get it set up. Just give us a call on 01924 589 589 or ask on the live chat.

    The Ultra-Portable Range: World Cup on the go

    If you're on the move during the competition or simply want to be able to take the captivating big screen experience with you wherever you are then an Ultra Portable projector is ideal for you. Connect up your smart devices and stream at 200" wherever you are!

    The Pico Genie M550 Plus Projector was recently crowned Techadvisor's best portable projector 2018 thanks to a 3 hour battery with a whopping 650 ansi lumens of brightness and short throw - ideal for big screen football in tight spaces.

    Vivitek's Qumi Q3+ DLP projector also offers high brightness in a small rechargeable package, boasting an impressive 500 ansi lumens brightness with in-built wifi and bluetooth.

    If you're wanting to feel like a football pundit for Russia 2018 and interact with your screen then try the PIQS TT LED Wifi projector. The 'virtual touch' remote lets you point and navigate to onscreen objects easily, even annotating and drawing within their in-built app.

    The Big screen Bundle: Entry Level

    Whether you want to get your pub ready for the World Cup or want to wow your guests with a slick home cinema set up we have the affordable projector bundle for you.

    UPDATE: The Acer P1385W has been replaced by Acer P1350W :  Including fully adjustable mount and robust 75" screen (152cm x 114cm) in 4:3 format this bundle takes the stress out of trying to create your own projection set up. At just under 3m away the Acer P1385W lamp projector will fill the 75" screen with ease, offering a ideal viewing area for large groups.

    All this for just £637.57  (Inc Vat).



  • Acer's New Affordable 4K Projectors Have Arrived: H6810 & V6810

    A 4K Home cinema projector is often seen as a decadent piece of kit but now with large 4K TVs routinely costing over £1500 for all the trimmings, why not get a larger image for less with a One Box Cinema Solution?

    The Acer V6810 and H6810 are Acer's answer to affordable 4K home cinema, starting around £1000 for glorious lifelike visuals and HDR clarity. So what else can you expect from this new range?

    Brightness and Usability

    Both Acer 4K projectors have over 2000 ANSI lumens (what are they?) which is enough to deal with any indoor lighting conditions. Having this level of brightness means the projectors can both be used in a more commercial setting, ideal for pubs and just in time for the world cup! You can watch your 4K content at any time of day in any conditions, just like a TV, and with the 4K enabled port on both projectors you can connect a 4k device directly for plug and play Ultra HD Cinema.

    Enabling the Silent Mode will introduce you to a immersive cinema feeling that you wouldn't normally get without heading out to Cineworld. With cinema size visuals, near-silent operation and the great value price these Acer 4K projectors offer that cinema feeling from the comfort of your sofa.

    Image Quality

    Acer's Dynamic Black technology brings those dark areas into sharp relief, giving depth to the shadows for a true-to-life visual experience.  The V6810 4k DLP projector also has the Acer ColorPurity features which enables it to enhance not just the blacks but the whole spectrum of rich RGB colours whilst reducing any rainbow effects.


    Both 4K UHD Projectors offer 40 degree vertical keystone correction which is ideal for ceiling mounted projects. The installation of new lamps is also super simple thanks to the top loading feature, and with the various eco modes you can comfortably get 10,000 hours out of one lamp, adding to the great value.


    Both the Acer V6810 and the H6810 represent some of the most affordable home cinema projectors on the market right now. Whether you're looking  for your very own cinema or just want a high quality, future-proof investment for your venue the Acer 6810 range would be ideal for you.

  • T3 Pico Projector round-up for March 2012

    3M CP45: ‘Hitting the slopes this season?’

    3M CP45 Camcorder Projector. Record your extreme sporting sessions and instantly project them back!


    3M’s new CP45 is great for capturing your extreme sporting adventures and projecting

    them back onto “a 65-inch wall in the lodge for après-ski appraisal by fellow dudes, brahs and gnarly bailers”
    3M’s new CP45 camcorder projector will record your gnarliest bails (do extreme sports types still say stuff like that?) in 720p HD and then throw them onto a 65-inch wall in the lodge for après-ski appraisail by fellow dudes, brahs and gnarly bailers. £250 from www.personalprojector.co.uk

    CES 2012 special: Turn your wall into a touchscreen with Microsoft PicoMagicYour wall is now a Touchscreen with Microsoft PicoMagic

    If you’re tired of “struggling through dull PowerPoint presentations” then the wait for an innovative, novel way to brighten them up may soon be over “courtesy of Microsoft’s PicoP Gen 2 HD laser display engine and PicoMagic Apps”. A combination of the two will allow 3D presentations & an interactive Touchscreen on any suitable wall space. “It’s also primed for gamers who want to get closer to the action” creating a world of new possibilities for interactive gaming.

    £TBC, out late 2012

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