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  • 3M Mpro 120/150 Perfect Tech Gift: Grab a bargain as prices fall £200 on LED pocket projectors

    For many people pocket projectors are an ideal way of watching/presenting small images on a much larger screen whether its from an iPad, Smartphone or laptop. Up until now such devices could cost upto £400 or were of dubious quality if they were anything less than £150.

    As with most technology mini projectors have moved on leaps and bounds in the past couple of years so some of the 2nd generation pocket projectors are now appearing on the market at £200 discount to their launch price. This makes them very attractive as the second generation devices were brighter and offered more accessories than is the current trend.

    3M were the first to get in on the LED pico market so this is the best place to start if you’re looking for a bargain with the best “brightness to price ratio” or “price to accessory ratio”

    Whilst there were some previous pico projector models at £99 inc vat such as the Adapt Pico Play, they were only half the brightness of the 3M models now avialable. Also the Pico Play came with virtually no accessories (tripod etc) when compared with the 3m models.

    3M Mpro 120 (£299 now £99 inc vat)

    The 3M Mpro 120 was a breakthrough pocket projector when it launched in terms of size, design and overall value for what’s included in the box. Launched at £299 its now available for just £99 or (£83.33 ex vat) which is an absolute bargain in a box and makes it the cheapest pocket projector on the market today. It is also without a doubt the best value projector on the market today as it offers many features and accessories normally only available on higher priced models. It includes a carry case, tripod, 4 hour battery life, 0.5w speakers and the best “price to brightness ratio”.

    The 3M pico projector also has the ability to connect to iPads, Smartphones, laptops, games consoles or other AV equipment and has a simple plug & play setup. It is easy for everyone to share movies, images & presentations with sound on this great pass-through device. It includes an AV cable but you will need a separate cable to connect to iPhone/iPad.

    3M Mpro 150

    If however you’re looking for the ability to project without connecting to any other device at all then take a look at the 3M MPro 150 which has all the features of the 120, plus its brighter and has powerpoint/pdf  viewer onboard so you can project straight from the palm of your hand with no wires.

    Overall, both projectors offer incredible value and would make the perfect gift and are ideal for personal use, business or travel.

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