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  • Connect your GoPro/Camera/Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop to your LED battery projector!






    Connect your GoPro/Camera/Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop to your LED battery projector!

    As the snow begins to fall once again in the Alps, it’s time to get yourself ready for this year’s Ski season!



    Forget watching those hilarious Ski moments back on your tiny Smartphone screen, our LED battery powered projectors let you instantly create an 100” image straight from your device. Whether you’ve splashed out on a GoPro or you’re simply using a Smartphone or iPad, all your devices can connect to the Pico Genie range! You’ll be amazed at how small, light, yet powerful mini projectors are!

    Wirelessly connecting a GoPro/Camera?

    Via Micro SD connection the Pico Genie M400 Pro can instantly project glorious HD footage from your GoPro or Camera without any other cables! If your camera has all share/Miracast you can wirelessly connect and fully mirror your camera display e.g. Samsung Galaxy Camera.

    Wired connection to GoPro/Camera?

    Alternatively, if your camera has an HDMI port you can connect straight to the projector using this.

    Wirelessly connecting to a Smartphone/Tablet (Android/Apple)?

    If you’re using an Android device you’ll be able to wirelessly mirror your Smartphone screen to the projector without any cables! To wirelessly connect to an Apple device you will require an additional dongle or Apple TV, please see our blog for more info on connecting to Apple devices.

    Wired connection to Smartphone/Tablet (Android/Apple)?

    Apples devices will need an Apple AV HDMI Adapter, this will allow you to fully mirror your iPhone/iPad screen straight to the projector. For more info on connecting to Apple devices, see our blog.

    Taking your laptop?

    Link up any laptop via a HDMI connection, the projector will mirror or extend your display up to a massive 100”, perfect to show all your favourite Ski memories!

    The top Ski picks!

    Pico Genie M400 Pro


    Ideal for:

    - Use with a GoPro (Micro SD)

    - Use with a Camera (DLSR/Compact/Video Recorder) wired or wirelessly

    - Wirelessly connecting to Android Smartphone or tablet

    - Connecting to your Apple Device via the Apple AV Adapter or wireless dongle e.g. EZ Cast/Chromecast

    - Projecting HD Video’s and Images

    Pico Genie P100


    Ideal for:

    - Connecting to GoPro via HDMI

    - Connecting to your Camera via HDMI

    - Connecting to Apple Devices via the AV Adapter

    - Connecting to Apple Devices using an HDMi dongle e.g. Chromecast/EZ Cast (not supplied)


  • 5 Reasons You Need Pico Genie A100 This Summer

    The Pico Genie A100 has a very special new price and here is why the  affordable pocket sized projector will work for you this summer:

    1. Keep the kids educated - 6 weeks is a long holiday for anyone, especially your children, so ensure you keep them at the top of the class by encouraging the use educational content and games.
    2. Entertainment - We know how hard it is to find something good on TV when it's grey and cloudy, so why not enjoy the latest blockbuster from your iPhone / iPod
    3. Travel - You've packed your sun cream and your passports but how about a movie for the flight or relaxing on a rainy day. From Glamping to jet-setting, it's small enough to fit neatly in your pocket or bag for a cinematic experience.
    4. Business - Take everything you need for your meeting in your pocket and project wherever you are. Ideal for those on the go or meeting with those who are.
    5. Sports - 2014 is another stellar year for sporting events, from Commonwealth Games, Wimbledon, F1, World Cup and more, now you can keep up with the game straight from your pocket. Also, if you're playing a few games yourself then why not record it on your phone / iPod and then play it straight back?! Great for perfecting your improving your own skill (or just embarrassing your friends by sharing their lack of skill with everyone).
    Click here for more info on the Pico Genie A100


    Click here for more information on other portable projectors

  • The Universal Power Source for your portable electronic devices


    If you regularly run out of power on your electronic devices, consider the new Energizer backup battery. These high performance, lightweight batteries power everything from pocket projectors to iPads, laptops, cameras and other electronic gadgets and are perfect for holidays! The two new Energizer models hold charge for a whole year! They are now so powerful they can even power portable projectors for up to 6 hours.

    Key Unique Features: Emergency Power Supplies

    • Charge 3 devices at once
      • Power your projector, laptop and smartphone simultaneously with one battery
      • Add from 2 up to 540 hours additional charge to your gadgets*
    • Batteries stay charged for 1 year
      • Once you charge your battery it will hold its charge for 12 months if you don't use it!
    • Total compatibility - Works with all your devices 
      • Power any electronic device.
      • "Free Tips for Life" ensures total compatibility of the battery on all your current and future gadgets.
    • Travel through airports hassle free
      • The batteries contain no acid so do not pose security risks
    Meet the latest Energizer batteries:  
    Energizer  XP8000 (£99.88 Inc. Vat)
    Energizer  XP18000 (£127 Inc. Vat)
    Ideal for: Netbooks, Smartphones, e-Tablets, Music Players, Portable games consoles, digital cameras & more.
    Ideal for: As per the XP8000 model's features plus longer power charges and also ideal for projectors, laptops & more.
     Power your:

    Smartphone for up to 50 hours
    Music player up to 240 hours
    Netbook for up to 3 hours
    Pocket projectors for up to 6 hours
    (Up to 100 lumens)
    Power your:

    Smartphone for up to 112 hours
    Digital camera for up to 7000 extra photos
    Music player for up to 540 hours
    Laptop for up to 6 hours
    Mini palm projectors for up to 2 hours
    (Up to 300 lumens)
    Compatible Projectors:
    All LED Pocket projectors including: 3M MPro120, 3M MPro150, 3M MP180, Optoma PK301+ and more
    LED Palm Projectors including: LumaFire M200, Vivitek Qumi Q2,  Viewsonic PLED-W200
    Up to 2 hours of extra charge

     Why choose portable power?

    Charge and power up to 3 devices at once
    Can be charged up to 500 times
    Longest industry 3 year warranty
    Charge, temperature and short-circuit protection
    Comes Pre-Charged out of the box
    Just plug it in for instant power
    No more bulky AC adapters and messy cords
    Charge and discharge at the same time
    Energy star certified with full charge auto shut off

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