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Tag Archives: VGA projector

  • Pico Genie M400 featured on Gadget Show TV: Outdoor Projection & Camping

    In Series 20 Episode 4 The Gadget Show TV team featured a Wild Challenge Camping event showing all manner of gadgets for the outdoors....


    In the show, Jason Bradbury and Jon Bentley showed off their talents by creating a cinema in a forest while camping using the tiny Pico Genie M400 LED Projector with a huge 10ft x 5.6ft inflatable screen.

    The beauty of the Pico Genie M400 mini ultra-portable projector is its the only projector on the market capable of projecting for long periods on full brightness, as despite its small size and weight, it has a very powerful lightweight battery inside meaning it provides 300 lumens of brightness and can project up to 2 hours on eco mode (1 hour on full brightness 300 lumens).

    The Pico Genie M400 is a very versatile portable device and is used from everything from business, personal use, travel, home cinema and gaming.

    Jon Bentley who regularly reviews big home cinema screens said he was "pleased with the picture quality."

    Jason Bradbury went on to say "it is a stunning picture and its also battery powered which is a really great feature, especially for the outdoors. You can load your stuff onto an SD card or USB so its quite versatile." One thing that took the team by surprise was despite what seemed like relatively low lumens the picture quality punched well above its weight, Jason commented that, "it looks splendid even when its not dark on a 10ft by 5.6 ft screen".

    The inflatable air screen will actually go up to 40 foot and can be pumped up with an electric pump inside 15 mins and strapped to anything nearyby like a tree.

    Jason said "The Airscreen is fantastic. I put it up in about 15 minutes and ratcheted it up to the trees. Im not beyond one of these in my back garden for the kids."

    For more information see Series 20: Episode 4 - Wild Challenge Camping Gadgets (goto 6 mins 46 secs)

  • Pico Genie P50 Pro Release

    The Pico Genie P50 Pro LED projector is the new, upgraded version of theworld’s smallest projector at 40 lumens of brightness on BOTH mains and/or battery power with amazing value for money and great connectivity. The Pico Genie P50 Pro now has a contemporary black high-gloss shell which is just 90mm x 75mm wide and 22mm thin, making this matchbox sized projector much smaller than the next smallest Pico Genie projector (Pico Genie P100). Weighing just 160g means you can slip it in your pocket and you won’t even notice you are carrying the ultra connected LED device, but switch it on and you will see the familiar brightness and quality.

    It is amazing to see how such a complex device with so many connection options has been squeezed into such a small device, connection options inclide:HDMI, VGA, USB, SD and AV inputs. Connect the new Pico Genie P50 pro to your smartphone, laptop, tablet,games console and any number of multimedia devices to project up to an impressive 70” diagonal image anywhere you go. Whether you have a Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Nokia, iPhone or any Smartphone with HDMI or video out capability, you can enjoy streaming (and in many cases mirroring) of your entire Smartphone on a very big screen. Alternatively, save content directly to a USB stick and  project without connecting any cables!

    The Pico Genie range has become synonymous with value for money as well as providing the same brightness on battery as it does on mains power so you don’t feel short changed on the brightness front when you are out and about. The Pico Genie P50 pro model is the latest to follow this refreshing trend, offering the full 40 lumens brightness with up to 3.5 hours operation time from the in-built battery, meaning it’s always a good time to project! When you have used all of the battery power, simply plug it in to the mains with the included charger and you can continue projecting, giving you hours of entertainment from your fingertips.

    Overall, if you’re looking for something that’s so portable you don’t even notice it is in your pocket but it still cuts the mustard in terms of performance then whether you’re looking to use this for business or personal use the Pico Genie P50 pro is the perfect companion LED projector. At only £225 (inc vat) it costs less than many of the rival portable projectors and offers one of the best specifications in the smallest package at one of the best prices. It would be the perfect gift and is ideal for sharing photos/videos on the big screen with friends/family or even for small presentations at home or in the office.

    Available from Personal Projector Ltd

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