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Tag Archives: Vivitek Interactive Panels

  • Display Panels with in-built Wireless and Digital Signage

    If you wish for great flexibility of your wireless presentation solution in your meeting rooms and want to do more than just click and share, the Novo Ecosystem has got you covered!

    Novo Ecosystem has been designed to effortlessly combine wireless collaboration and digital signage functionality for large format display devices. It is a comprehensive product line designed for any type of visual communication, be it a meeting, digital signage or both!

    Perfect for business or education, the Novo Ecosystem is a flexible and scalable solution that will wow you with its convenience and ease of use.

    Vivitek has a new focus for 2020 on LED interactive panels for the education sector and business meetings. The main unique feature of their panels are the all-in-one panel + inbuilt wireless connectivity. Whilst there are many alternatives on the market Vivitek have focused on security and simplicity ensuring they match up to MOD-like standards for wireless sharing and are also incredibly easy to use.

    One of the key issues with wireless tech is reliability and this one doesn’t disappoint. A big advantage is its ability to work outside of networks with its wireless button that just connects a guests laptop to the projector / panel so no software downloads are required and no connection to the client network is required. Having the ability to connect any wireless device with wifi direct is a big bonus.


    - Designed for Huddle rooms and offices, NovoDisplay is essential for transforming group meetings into a welcoming and engaging team discussion and brainstorming session
    - All in one collaborative panel integrate 3 key functions to create one productivity boosting solution
    - 4K UHD display – visualise your ideas and enhance interaction
    - Collaboration wireless screen mirroring with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) interoperability
    - Effortlessly switch or display multiple participants at once to exchange ideas
    - Signage board – actively deliver information between the meetings or during downtime
    - Low total cost of ownership thanks to the free software and no license fee. Simple
    - Available in 43”, 55”, 65” or 75”

    The Vivitek Novo Panels not only include wireless connections to mobile devices but they also offer 2 other features

    1. an inbuilt digital signage service (unusually free for digital signage although there is a charge if connecting to the cloud but storing data on the local drive is fine)

    2. Multiple panel mirroring connections / repeater – some of the panels also include a wireless repeater option so it mirrors the screens across panels or projectors. This can be useful at large conferences, churches, concerts, school, events etc where the same info needs to be relayed from one screen to another via the Novo’s built in connection options.


    Alternative options for digital signage or creating blended projection displays also include the Fuji Z5000 5000 ansi lumen laser projector with rotating lens, ideal for installation of signage solutions in difficult places to reach due its lens shift and swivel lens capabilities.

    The Fuji Z5000 is very discreet and now available in white or



    Horizontal or Vertical positioning of the Fuji projector is so simple it just requires a twist of the lens.


    Please contact us by email, phone or live chat for more information on the whole range of NovoDisplay panels or Novo standalone wireless collaboration devices or digital signage solutions.

    Personal Projector Ltd, 01924 589 589

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