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  • Top 5 Best Business Projectors for 2019


    Projectors are commonplace in the workplace, from boardroom presentations and digital notice boards, to display signage and shop window displays the possibilities for business projectors are limitless!

    Business projectors need a variety of inputs, high brightness and minimal maintenance so read on for a breakdown of projectors that will suit those precise requirements.

    The Acer X138WH stands out among the other projectors at the low price point of £366 Inc vat, great value for money delivering brightness of 3700 ANSI lumens, perfect for any environment.

    Acer X138WH

    The Acer P1650 projector is great for sprucing up your presentations with crystal clear images and super smooth motion due to its special non lag frame rate technology giving quick response times.

    Acer P1650w

    The Acer P5530 is Equipped with an intelligent ambient light sensor, the projector can optimize image brightness and color saturation based on ambient lighting conditions. Great for if bright or ambient light is an issue.

    Acer P5530

    The Acer H7550ST short throw projector lets you show your work, signage or notice boards on a mammoth scale (up to 300 inches or 762 cm in size) in a billion colours and astonishing clarity. Perfect for that eye-popping boardroom sales pitch.

    Acer h7550st

    The Fujifilm Z5000 Is a great solution for exhibitions or for when space is tight. It is very compact and has a 6 way rotating lens for getting that perfect angle. The laser projection means that you won't have to pay for replacing the lamp and the huge 5000 Ansi lumens of brightness mean that the image can be seen in almost any light situation.

    Fuji UST Laser Projector with rotating lens (vertical install)

    Feature Acer X238WH Acer P1650 Acer P5530 Acer H7550ST Fujifilm Z5000
    Price (inc vat) £366 £549.98 £699.98 £665 £8946
    ANSI Lumens 3700 3500 4000 3000 5000
    HD 720p 720p 1080p 1080p 1080p
    Short Throw (larger image) No No No short throw Ultra Short throw
    Connectivity VGA, HDMI, composite video, S-Video, MHL HDMI x2 VGA-In (x2), S-Video, composite video HDMI x2 VGA x2, S-Video, Composite Video HDMI, VGA, composite video, S-video, 3.5mm, RS232 ports  3X HDMI Component, Composite video, s-video VGA
    Keystone correction Yes Yes  Yes Yes Yes
    Feature 20,000:1 Contrast

    Easy Installation

    Non lag frame rate tech, super smooth images LumiScence ambient light detection Quiet Projection  (26db) Maintenance free (no bulb)

    6 Way rotating lens

    Bluetooth No No No Yes No
    Type lamp lamp lamp lamp laser
    Speakers 3w 10w 16w 10w 10w

    We have also got handy buyer's guides for the Top 5 Best Portable projectors of 2019 and the Top 5 Best Home Cinema Projectors for 2019 so all your projector needs are covered.

  • Are Nebula's portable projectors really the stars of the show?

    If you're searching for a portable projector you've probably seen Nebula's latest offerings as they seek to deliver a complete cinema experience in the smallest and smartest devices possible. Those uninitiated in the projector industry are easily swept up in the sharp design of the Capsule (left) and lofty promise of home cinema on-the-go Mars (right) , but can Nebula really deliver? Compared with all-rounders like the PIQS TT, M550 PLus and Qumi Q38 are they still worthy?


    Lumens are key

    Let's get right into it, lumens are one of the most crucial features on a projector and yet they are still one of the least well understood. If you'd like to find out what real ansi lumens are, have a look at our blog post that answers question "what are ansi lumens?" Essentially ansi lumens are the official measurement for brightness and are the only real way to judge how bright a projector is.

    To put this in perspective the tiny Nebula Capsule has an ansi lumens rating of 100. Now this may sound small but 100 ansi lumens is still bright enough for a dark room and would be fine in a pitch black room. Here is the real issue with Nebula's Capsule  - the Capsule is also being advertised with the tag line "Transform Any Space Into a Theater" which leads most people to believe it can handle any environment. Unfortunately 100 ansi lumens is exclusively for dark environments.

    Could I use it with the lights on?

    If you've got a plan to buy one for your office for example, sadly this projector won't be able to handle it, as 100 ansi lumens just isn't enough for normal ambient light. We usually recommend around 450 ansi lumens upwards to handle a bright office or home environment with the lights on.

    Nebula themselves do address this slightly in their description but sadly other retailers have yet to pick up on the fact that 100 ansi lumens can't create a cinema experience anywhere.

    From Nebula's page on Indiegogo:

    " 5. How bright are 100 ANSI Lumens? Is it bright enough to see in normal lighting?

    It can provide a clear 100 inch screen in a dim environment and support a clear 60 inch screen in an neutral lighting. "

    The Nebula Mars projector has 500 ansi lumens in a lunchbox sized device, yet sadly many retailers, even PC World, have jumped on the fake lumens bandwagon. As a result the Nebula Mars is regularly quoted at a massive 3000 lumens. Nebula themselves even quote at 3000 lumens despite the nebula Mars projector only reaching a genuine 500 ansi lumens.

    That's proper home cinema territory and it's not possible to get anything that bright with easy carry-able portability. When the market is saturated with fake lumens it becomes very difficult to gauge how bright something actually is.

    The Challengers

    There's no doubting the sound systems and sleek designs on Nebula's products are fantastic but their lofty claims and lumens ratings simply can't be backed up. if you want genuine, have a look at these challengers:

    The Pico Genie M550 Plus

    The M550 Plus projector (above) was recently voted best portable projector for 2018 and packs a host of features into a palm sized projector. At 650 genuine ansi lumens of brightness the M550 Plus projector is bright enough to handle light environments - you can find the evidence on the M550 Plus product page. With 720p, 3D capability and app store onboard it's a very capable TV / home cinema replacement and is an excellent alternative to the nebula mars.

    The QUMI Q38

    The first Pico projector to offer full HD 1080p has 600 ansi lumens and a powerful android V6.0 operating system for crisp images at huge sizes. Crucially the small Qumi Q38 projector doesn't have the bulk of the Nebula Mars and is brighter, with full HD and easy Wifi streaming to boot.

    The PIQS TT

    The PIQS TT projector provides an excellent alternative to both Nebula offerings, being palm sized and brighter than the Capsule with impressive 2 hour battery life and 450 ansi lumens.  You don't even have to sacrifice the app store as the PIQS TT projector can access the google play store.

    That's not all though, the PIQS TT also comes with an interactive remote for easy presenting, gaming and drawing. Both Nebula offerings cover two different areas of the projector market, but why not get a home cinema and portable streaming device all in one palm sized unit?

    The Verdict

    Don't settle for a niche product that can only fulfil one of the many possible uses that a projector can have, don't get drawn into the fake lumens hype, and last of all buy something genuine.

  • Vivitek release the new Qumi Q6, adding Wi-Fi Connectivity, Style and Colour to its Successful Range of Pocket Projectors








    Vivitek have just revolutionised the pocket projector space, the new Qumi Q6 is the world’s smallest projector with 800 ANSI lumens of brightness and in-built Wi-Fi. The incredibly small housing and multi-colour options mean this is the most unique projector to date. The Wi-Fi connection enables wireless content sharing from Android and iOS devices which makes the Qumi Q6 one of a kind in terms of connectivity. Vivitek also offer a huge 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. The biggest advantage of the Vivitek Qumi Q6 is its massively improved connectivity, the Q6 features built-in Wi-Fi for cable-free projection allowing it to deliver uncompressed HD digital content. Transmitted smoothly by using EZCast Pro application.

    Vivitek Qumi Q6

    The Vivitek Qumi Q6 comes in a variety of contemporary high-gloss colour’s which are just 16 x 10.24 x 3.4cm (LxWxH), making this a tiny solution for all your projection needs. Weighing just 475g the Q6 can slip in your bag and you won’t even notice you are carrying it. Similar to its siblings (Q4, Q5, Q7 Plus) the Qumi Q6 has an impressive LED lamp life of 30,000 hours meaning you can present for 8 hours a day for over 10 years, something standard lamp projectors cannot match.

    Perfect for business and professional use, the Q6 has built-in MS Office® and Adobe™ PDF document viewers so content can be presented directly from the unit, this can be via USB or its handy 2.5GB onboard storage. Along with its unrivalled connection options, the Q6 is compatible with Vivitek’s very own intuitive mobile remote control app (Android™/iOS), enabling convenient control of the projector’s functions and features. Additionally up to four devices can simultaneous display separate content (Selected materials only) onto one large side-by-side projection (4-to-1 split screen) (Requires EzCast Pro App).

    Q6 Back

    Comparing Vivitek Qumi Models (Q4, Q5, Q6, Q7 Plus):


    Model  Resolution  Brightness
    [ANSI lumen]
     Contrast Ratio  Throw Ratio Lamp Life (Dynamic) Eco/Normal Noise Eco/Normal        Weight [kg]  Network  Digital Inputs 3D  Warranty
    Qumi Q4 WXGA (HD720p) 500 lm 10,000:1 1.55:1 30,000h 28dB / 32dB 0.5 kg - HDMI N/A 2-year
    Qumi Q5 WXGA (HD720p) 500 lm 30,000:1 1.55:1 30,000h 28dB / 36dB 0.5 kg Optional HDMI DLP-Link 3-year
    Qumi Q6 WXGA (HD720p) 800 lm 30,000:1 1.55:1 30,000h 30dB / 34dB 0.5 kg Built-in WiFi HDMI DLP-Link 3-year
    Qumi Q7-Plus WXGA (HD720p) 1000 lm 30,000:1 1.3-1.43:1 30,000h 33dB / 38dB 1.4 kg Optional HDMI HDMI 3D 3-year


    See the full list of features here:

      • Native WXGA resolution with high definition 720p compatibility
      • Wi-Fi connection enables wireless content sharing from Android and iOS devices.
      • Up to 800 ANSI lumens of brightness with a 30,000:1 contrast ratio
      • Project a large and wide screen image up to 2.3m (90”) in diameter
      • LED light source with up to 30,000 hours of operation
      • Weighs just 475 grams and is 3.4cm thick
      • Stream and project documents, photos, movies and other content with the integrated wireless system
      • MHL device compatibility for streaming of video and audio content from a compatible mobile device
      • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty
      • Built-in MS Office® and Adobe™ PDF document viewer
      • Display content directly from a USB flash drive or from the on board memory
      • Advanced display connectivity including: HDMI, USB, and internal Wi-Fi
      • Up to four devices can simultaneous display separate content (Selected materials only) onto one large side-by-side projection (4-to-1 split screen) (Requires EzCast Pro App)
      • 3D-compatibility via DLP® Link™, for dazzling and realistic life-like images
      • Built-in 2 watt audio speaker with multiple audio ports for easy connection to other audio devices
      • Touch-sensitive keypad with illuminated backlit controls
      • Intuitive mobile remote control app (Android™/iOS) for convenient control of the projector’s functions and features
      • 7 exciting colours including: black, white, light blue, red, orange, gold, charcoal grey


    We are currently the only retailer of the Q6, purchase your unit here now! 


    Qumi Q6 Review:



    Qumi Q6 Unboxing Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpQYDIQFLwo

    Need your Vivitek to be completely wire free? See the Vivitek Portable Battery which can power your projector for up to 3 hours.

    Qumi Battery

    Don’t have a suitable wall to project on? See our Portable Desktop Screens available in a range of different sizes.

    Want a projector with battery and Wi-Fi built in? See the Pico Genie M400 Pro here.


  • Be bold this summer and show your true colours with the Vivitek Qumi Q5 projector

    If you’ve ever thought that all projectors look the same, then it is time to think again!

    Vuvitek Qumi Q5 Led projectors

    The Vivitek Qumi Q5 is arriving this summer as the first LED projector in the world to come in a series of 5 trendy new colours to brighten up your life, available in bright red, yellow and blue, or contemporary black and white, all in a fashionable high gloss finish. Stir some excitement in the office, the classroom or at home with sleek design, touch sensitive controls, out of the box features and its advanced connectivity.

    The refreshing new Qumi Q5 is the brightest projector available (500 lumens) for its ultra-portable size and has the most features compared to all others of equal brightness. At just 3.2cm deep and weighing the same as 3.5 iPhones (490g) you can slip it into the included soft case, your briefcase, handbag or backpack to take along with you and forget it’s even there. If you need to carry and travel with equipment to display a large image of up to 90” for whatever reason, this is the lightest way to get the best quality result.

    The feature packed Vivitek Qumi Q5 comes with everything you need to just get up and go for any occasion, including a Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe PDF and Text viewer for presentations. It is the first LED projector to come with a built in web browser, simply connect an optional WiFi dongle and search, you can even connect a WiFi keyboard to make it easier. There are HDMI, VGA and USB ports which support connection to all your favourite gadgets. Alternatively, you can even save your content directly on to the projector with its massive 4GB of internal memory and project on the go without needing to connect it to a PC or mobile device.

    Available for Pre-Order now by clicking here, stock due mid-August

    Vivitek Qumi Q5 LED projector in 5 trendy colours

    For even greater portability, consider adding a Vivitek battery dock or Energizer XP18000 external battery to your shopping list. The Qumi battery dock will sit flush with the projector and power it for an hour (approx). The energizer XP18000 external battery will power your projector at higher brightness without needing to be plugged in. Click here for more details.

    Key unique features of the Qumi Q5:

    Comparing the Vivitek Qumi Q5 to its predecessor (the Vivitek Qumi Q2), you will notice a selection of key differences that really set it apart, for example:

    • The main benefit of the Qumi Q5 has to be that Vivitek have managed to fit an extra 200 lumens of brightness into a projector which is the same size and weighs less than the Vivitek Qumi Q2. This will mean a noticeably clearer image when projecting in daylight conditions.
    • There is now 4GB of internal memory, meaning you can save your documents, pictures and videos directly onto the projector without having to connect any external devices or memory cards.
    • The massive 10000:1 contrast ratio is an upgrade from the 2500:1 seen in the Qumi Q2 and rivals that which we normally see in larger, installation projectors worth thousands of pounds. This increase in contrast coupled witht he DLP technology gives richer, deeper colours

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