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Tag Archives: Wi-Fi projector

  • The Wireless Projection Guide- What Are the Options And How Does It Work?

    Fed up of cables? Need more information about wireless projection? We'll explain the different wireless options along with the best and easiest way to connect your smart device at 100" seamlessly.

    Whether it's for home use, travel, business, education, gaming, entertainment or art, projecting your smart device wirelessly can make life a whole lot easier, see our full range of wireless projectors here.

    How does Full Wireless Mirroring work with a projector?

    This term is fairly self-explanatory and means your smart device (iPhone/Android Phone/Tablet etc) display can be fully mirrored through the projector wirelessly. Whatever is displayed through your device will be identical through the projector so what you see on one screen is what you get on the other screen.

    Apple call this AirPlay and Android call it Screen Mirroring / Quick Connect (amongst other terms). Some projectors have this function built in like the Pico Genie and Qumi ranges. Other projectors don't have this functionality, however a variety of dongles can be purchased to enable this feature.

     Wireless M550

    How does wireless mirroring work with a projector using an App?

    On either Android or iPhone you can download free Apps like Mira Cast and connect your smart device to the projector directly. Note: You will need to have the projector and your mobile device connected to the same Wi-Fi network in order for this to work.

    With your mobile device screen mirrored to your projector you can pretty much access everything from email, videos, the web, PowerPoint, music and much more. A great way to play your favourite mobile games full screen or for easy scrolling of your social medias.

    p85 ez cast

    What are the alternatives if my projector doesn't have built-in wireless?

    If your projector doesn't have wirelessly functionality built in, don't worry. You still have options to share your smart device wirelessly. There are a wide variety of methods of mirroring whether its using a cable or a wireless HDMI type dongle or system like Apple TV or Chromecast.

    Cables - The simplest and easiest way will be using a cable. For Android users this may include an MHL adaptor which must be purchased for the exact model of your handset so its advisable to purchase it from the manufacturer directly. For Apple users there are a variety of HDMI and VGA adaptors that connect HDMI or VGA cables directly to a iPhone or an iPad. There are lots of copies on the market for this type of cable so beware of cheap imitations. See Apple’s website for more details.

    Wireless dongles can be connected via USB or HDMI ports. This will allow your smart device to connect straight to the projector wirelessly. Using a wireless dongle is a great way for you to add wireless mirroring features to your current projector.

    Not all of the available dongles will work in the dame way. Some will come with both a transmitter and receiver and will need to be set up accordingly while others will need to connect to your Wi-Fi and transmit via your internet connection. Before purchasing a dongle it is best to check what devices you want to use it with, you can see our full range of wireless dongles here.

  • Press Release: Vivitek Qumi Q7 heading to the UK

    Be bright, be seen in Autumn 2013

    The Vivitek Qumi Q7 Ultra Portable LED HD projector is set to arrive on UK soil this  September 18th and is available first from Personal Projector. This super-thin, lightweight addition to the Qumi range boasts over 800 lumens of brightness, packed into a stunning high gloss body with sleek design.

    Combine style and substance with a 30,000:1 contrast ratio for rich blacks and high definition WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution for an immersive Audio/Visual experience, whether you're presenting in the office for business or enjoying a movie for leisure. There is also a useful 4GB of internal

    Wirelessly project content from your computer or even surf the web with the handy embedded browser, thanks to the optional Wi-Fi dongle. MHL compatibility comes built in, so If you would rather project content from your Android Smartphone or Tablet then just plug in and mirror the screen.

    Present all your Microsoft Office files directly from the device or with a simple USB memory stick and get rid of the need for a PC. Navigate the feature packed Vivitek Qumi Q7 with a familiar touch sensitive control panel or the included remote control to project Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or Adobe PDF files.

    Available for Pre-Order now by clicking here, stock due September 18th 2013

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