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Tag Archives: Wireless

  • Break Away From Cables With The Wireless HDMI!

    Enjoy Full HD without the cables

    The Full HD wireless HDMI for projectors, making your dreams of a cable-less world come true.

    This wireless HDMI kit allows for full HD image streaming without any loss of image quality. The high capacity, frame rate and speed of the Acer Wireless HDMI ensures that your image streams fast and does not break up allowing uninterrupted streaming of your favourite shows and films.

    Full HD Wireless HDMI for projectors

    How does it work?

    The Wireless HDMI works on a transmitter and receiver system, once each are connected you can stream content directly to your projector. You can use it with most multi-media outlets, even your smartphone!

    The setup is simple and easy to do in a few steps:

    1. Connect the transmitter to your media outlet (Computer, Blu-ray player, Smartphone)
    2. Connect the receiver to the HDMI/MHL port on your projector
    3. Turn on the transmitter and away you go!

    So if you are bothered by the burden of cables and would like to enter the world of wireless HD streaming then why not treat yourself to one of these?

    Where can I get one?

    If you would like to go cable-less yourself then you can get your own wireless HDMI here.


    Data Transfer Rate : Maximum of 1Gbps - Frequency Band 60GHz
    Video/Audio : 1080p/60f audio and video content with 4 Giga bit per second without compression
    Supported 3D Format : Blu-ray 3D
    Compatible with Full HD products

    Watch the Wireless HDMI in action below!

  • Save additional £35 on short-throw projection

    The Elmo Boxi MP350 LED projector offers an amazing list of features crafted into a tiny, lightweight body that still fits into the palm of your hand.

    Unique Features:

    • In-built wireless connection to laptops, etablet, smartphones and more straight out of the box without needing to purchase any extra dongles
    • QBiC Play enables mirroring your PC or Mac screen wirelessly AND share up to 4 PCs at the same time!
    • Project a 50" image with only a 1 meter throw distance, giving you great flexibility for home theatre or presentations

    Save an additional £35 off our original price of £510 which was already the lowest available, now just £475! (Whilst stock lasts)

    See the full product page by clicking here:

  • NEW: Ultra-Portable, Short-Throw Home Theatre Projector with Integrated Wi-Fi

    Elmo have released their new ultra-portable home theatre projector, the MP350, offering HD (720p) projection from a short-throw lens that gives a 50" (diagonal) image from just 1 meter away without expensive set up.

    At 300 lumens of  brightness you can project content anywhere you are and with their unique new Qbic software you can share up to 4 PC or MAC screens wirelessly at the same time!

    Integrated wireless capability also allows you to connect to portable Apple and Android devices to project out pictures and videos already stored on the devices without having to purchase any extra Wi-Fi dongles or accessories that you might traditionally have to buy as extras.

    View the new demonstration video on YouTube here: Elmo BOXi MP350 Short Throw Home Theatre Projector

  • Bright, Shiny & Incredibly Tiny: 3M Launches new MP410 wireless streaming pico projector

    3M have recently announced the release of the 3M MP410, the world's smallest 300 lumen LED palm projector. The killer feature of this projector however is its ability to use an optional dongle and steam content directly from your mobile, laptop or tablet/ iPad. It is available for Pre-Order now from Personal Projector at an exclusive £25 Pre-Order discount until April 9th. With a strap line of "Bright, shiny and incredibly tiny", you can expect great things from this as a pocketable device, including two world firsts:

    Bright, shiny & incredibly tiny - MP4101. Stream media from your mobile!
    2. Smallest 300 lumen Pico projector we've seen!

    Stream from your Tablet, Smartphone or Laptop
    The most impressive feature has to be the adoption of the new downloadable application for your portable media devices. This works in conjunction with the brilliant wireless adapter (optional) to enable you to wirelessly stream content to the 3M MP410. Leave your laptop at home and make your presentation from your mobile device or stream images in your lounge directly from your phone: The app is compatible with BlackBerry, iPhone/ iPad or Android device.

    Bright & Tiny (300 lumens)!
    This is the world's smallest pico projector with 300 lumens so it doesn't hold back in the specification stakes with WXGA/720p resolution, HDMI, VGA & USB connectivity as well as wireless streaming capabilities. The super bright LED light source allows you to present in most meeting room environments, as well as use instant on/off technology so that is is ready to present when you are.

    Enhanced memory & connectivity
    You may prefer to load content directly onto the 3M mobile projector. 3M MP410's 1Gb onboard memory, micro SDHC (upto 32GB) or USB to make sure you're always ready to go. Alternatively, you can utilise the HDMI or VGA connection for great quality projection. Also, it comes with a VGA cable and carry case as well to make your presentations run smoothly every time.

    Overall, the 3M MP410 LED projector is the one to beat right now, simply because of its size, brightness image quality and not least the amazing wireless capabilities. Pre-Order now at www.personalprojector.co.uk for £475 inc. Vat (offer lasts until 9th April 2012 only) pre launch.

    Visit the product page here for more information...

  • Benefits of LED projectors

    Why choose LED projectors? Here are just some of the excellent benefits of LED micro projectors...

    - No lamps – LED light source means there are no bulbs to replace in these projectors so you save a fortune on bulb replacements which can be up to £400 every year
    - Continual Optimum Resolution – lamp projectors can often experience deterioration in colour, brightness from day 1 whereas LED projectors ensure even several thousand hours usage you’re still getting crisp bright images
    - No Maintenance – there are no maintenance costs on LED projectors and no dust filters to replace
    - Greener product – there is no mercury inside LED projectors which means these products are easier to dispose of and are much more environmentally friendly
    - Instant on/off – no hanging around for the bulb to warm up or cool down and no risk of damaging the “bulb“ when turning off too quickly so ideal if travelling
    - No colour or image degradation - the quality of image projected from a bulb projector will degrade from the first time it is used whereas LED gives consistently high quality from the first day until the last day you use the projector.
    - Extra Features – even entry level LED projectors generally have a huge array of features not usually available on lamp projectors such as:

    • Battery power for Pico and some Palm sized units so you can use anywhere
    • Use as a stand alone device: with onboard memory there is no need to connect to any other device, just project straight from the projectors own memory, USB or SD card
    • Ultra portability: ultra light weight and portable with most pico projectors being the size and weight of a mobile/cell phone
    • Connect to smartphones, DVDs, TV’s, games consoles
    • Use the latest connection with HDMI
    • No cables or wires: Some projectors now use WiFi for streaming presentations, images, some video and more...

    Find out more about image quality of LED projectors, here

    (Updated 02/10/2014)






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