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Videos of Products

Want to see what your projector looks like before you buy? Check out our video gallery below!

View our portable handheld projectors in action with these videos from manufacturers and reviewers 


Pico Genie Range


Acer Predator

The Pico Genie Range - From the uniquely designed Periscope, with its swivel lens to the Powerhouse of versatility the M550 Plus. Pico Genie has a projector to suit everyone!                 Take your gaming rig to the next level with the Acer Predator Z650 short throw Full HD gaming projector. 3 gaming modes for you to choose from bringing you closer to the action!
Fujifilm 1                 Qumi Q3

The FujiFilm Z5000 5000 Lumens Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector - With its 6 way rotating lens you can switch projection to any surface with ease. Great for Art galleries and Museums where space is tight, tricky angles are this projectors specialty.


The Qumi Q3 Plus High Value LED Projector- Small but powerful, with 500 Ansi lumens of brightness you can take your viewing anywhere. Be it a garden party or movie night at home. Carry the big screen experience in your pocket! The Qumi Q3 Plus- Small but powerful, with 500 Ansi lumens of brightness you can take your viewing anywhere. Be it a garden party or movie night at home. Carry the big screen experience in your pocket!

Acer M550                 Pico Genie M550 Plus

The Acer M550 4k Home Cinema UHD Projector - With its powerful 2900 Ansi lumens of brightness you can have the cinema quality experience even in daylight conditions!


The Pico Genie M550 Plus - The ultimate portable projector, the M550 Plus combines power with ease of use. Its 650 Ansi lumens of brightness enables you to use the M550 Plus in most light situations and the Android operating systems allows you to use the M550 like you would a PC. Bringing the ultimate in portable versatility.

Pico Genie Periscope                 Fujifilm 2

The Pico Genie Periscope - A cylindrical design that can fit in your pocket, the Periscope has a unique rotating lens allowing you to switch to a ceiling view with just a twist of the lens. As well as its great design the Periscope has fantastic connectivity via wireless mirroring to your mobile devices and its Android operating system turns it into your own mobile multimedia platform. 


The FujiFilm Z5000 Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector - At 5000 lumens of brightness you will have clear images even in bright light and the horizontal and vertical lens shift allows you to fine tune the placement of your projection. The projector is also very compact, ideal for exhibitions where space is an issue.

Pico Genie Polar                 Casio

The Pico Genie Polar- A robust travelling companion, with its metal frame the Polar is great for those who find themselves on the road. It features an Android operating system for great ease of use and its 500 Ansi lumens make the projection easy to view even in bright light.

The Pico Genie Panda- As well as looking the stylish in a gold finish, the Panda has great ease of use features including a handy inbuilt touchpad on the top of the unit, great for when you have left the remote at home!


The Casio XJ-L8300HN 4K DLP Laser Projector - With its massive 5000 lumens of brightness the Casio can display crystal clear images in almost any light situation. Its 20,000 hour lifespan makes it ideal for heavy use such as at exhibitions.

Qumi Q8                 Qumi Q38

The Qumi Q8 - One of the most powerful portable projectors on the market from Vivitek. The Q8 boasts a massive 1000 Ansi lumens of brightness never seen before in a projector of this size. The Full HD capability means that you get crisp and clear images even at 120"


The Qumi Q38 - Great value for money, unique in that it boasts Ultra clear Full HD images at 600 Ansi lumens all while able to fit in the palm of your hand!

PIQS TT 1                 PIQS TT 2

The PIQS TT unique interactive projector. As well as it's portable, lightweight and stylish design the PIQS TT comes with a laser point remote so that you can interact with your projections. A fantastic idea for presentations, creating artwork and gaming.


The PIQS TT Interactive Projector - Augment the reality around you with this unique projector. Scan your hand, interact directly with the projected image and via the laser remote. Great for gaming and business use alike.