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  • Digital Art Through Projection: Change Your Physical World

    2016-10-21 09:44:32/0

    Check out the amazing things Charles Sandison does with projectors converting environments into digital works of art through clever 360 projection onto walls, floors, ceilings and objects. I can see with music this kind of digital art projection

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  • How to Project Holograms for your Halloween with a Portable Projector

    2016-10-07 18:28:49/0

    You'd be amazed at what can be achieved with a small projector for Halloween parties these days where holograms of ghosts, ghouls and goblins can now easily be projected. Imagine images like these being projected at Halloween onto a pumpkin,

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  • Projectors That Dont Need a BBC TV Licence

    2016-10-07 17:36:12/0

    Students are now more likely to take an iPad to university than a TV these days however are you protected by the recent change in the law on September 1st 2016 regarding the requirement to have a TV license even for catch-up TV or BBC iPlayer? Now

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  • BBC Sussex reviews the new Vivitek Qumi 3+

    2016-09-27 11:57:08/0

    BBS Sussex Review- Fevzi Turkalp the Gadget Detective answers tech questions on BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex. For the full version on the radio goto BBC Radio Sussex Vivitek Qumi Q3 Plus Review Listening to the review on BBC Sussex this week

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