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  • Connect Your Surface Pro to a Projector - Get the Most Out of Your Device!

    2017-02-23 11:36:37/0

    Want to connect your Surface Pro device to a projector, or to a second monitor? Most projectors will work with Surface Pro devices, and to find out how, simply read the guide below - it couldn't be simpler! Wired Connections All you need is a

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  • Projection Mapping at Transcending Boundaries, Pace Gallery London

    2017-02-23 10:57:30/0

    Projection mapping is certainly on trend right now, and looking at Transcending Boundaries, a new exhibition that's currently in residence at London's Pace Gallery, it's not hard to see why. If you don't know what projection mapping is, just

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  • WIN a new VR Headset For Your Phone Worth £35 - #Giveaway

    2017-02-16 18:03:46/0

    It's that time again - we're giving away another amazing tech prize to one lucky gadget fan! We're giving away an absolutely FREE Celexon 3D VR Headset that you can use with your smartphone for an immersive entertainment experience. They even

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  • Top 10 Novel & Unique New Applications For Portable Projectors & LED Displays

    2017-02-14 13:16:57/0

    Projectors are not just useful for business or home cinema these days – they have an endless list of uses and applications! Here are 10 of the more innovative uses of projectors and LED displays we’ve seen in the last few weeks ranging from

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