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Gadget Show Xmas Special: Inspirational Xmas Gadget Gift For Him & Her

There were some interesting gadgets on last night’s Gadget Show Christmas xmas special ranging from the Philips Dental Floss toothbrush to the usual crazy remote control cars and ultra thin laptops like the Asus Zenbook.

On this years Christmas special Jason, Suzi, Ortis, Jon and Pollyanna decided to split the reviews into Gadgets For Him and For Her.





After exploring some great gadgets for the girls including the 3M CP45 camcorder projector and the Pico Genie A100 case for iphone/ipod touch with built in projector and iphone charger, the boys picked a gift each to give to the girls. The Pico Genie A100 4-in-1 projector was their final gift choice to Pollyanna and Suzi who just loved the all in one projector.

iphone battery extender plus pico projector plus speakers plus protective iphone case Suzi Perry ‘This is a very useful device..and a very good idea, good concept and good design. We like it.’




See Videos at


http://fwd.channel5.com/gadget-show/videos/challenge/christmas-special-gadgets-for-girls (See video at at 2.50 and 04:40 minutes)